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Steven Andrew Leads National Repentance of 4 Specific Sins for the National Day of Prayer
Contact: Steven Andrew, USA Christian Church, 877-537-8734

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 2, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- To save the nation from God's further judgment of war, corruption and an economic collapse, Steven Andrew has led the USA to repent of four specific national sins. Participants across the nation have joined together for 40 days and more people will join on the National Day of Prayer. Andrew leads the National Day of Prayer Revival Force and One Million Americans on the LORD's Side.

He said, "The Bible teaches four sins (false gods, homosexuality, abortion and the occult) have caused most of the troubles happening nationally."

However, he explained, "we have hope, for the people involved in national repentance and reaffirming covenant that the USA serves the Lord are healing our land. We see God bringing peace with North Korea and many economic improvements."

People and churches are invited to join this historic repentance by printing the free brochure, which can also be used as a church bulletin insert.

He asks Christians and churches to share this revival prayer at National Day of Prayer events on Thursday May 3rd.

The repentance prayer teaches, "The Lord is the one true God" and "salvation is only through Jesus Christ," so "the USA renounces all other gods."

The prayer reminds people "God is love" and "He says same-sex marriage is illegal." It also says, "God is pro-life," so "the USA is a pro-life nation," and "the USA loves God and renounces the occult, Harry Potter and witchcraft."

The handout also lists what God's judgments are for each sin, with Scriptural references. For example, "God's judgment for false gods is captivity, bad leaders ('the swamp') and terrorism." This is why he says repentance is top priority.

Andrew's inspiring book, "Save America," is the premiere teaching on how to end God's judgment for the nation. "Save America" (ISBN-13 9780977955084) helps readers understand what news events are connected with what Biblical judgments due to national sins.

Many are praying for unity. Andrew says, "The Bible teaches America's unity is in walking in the light of God's Word. God's plan for the nation is to unite the USA in Christ," he said.

Andrew has a God-given passion to raise up three generations of the nation to walk in covenant that the USA serves the Lord, like the Christian founders.

He invites "those who want three generations of the USA discipled to walk close with God, to become a partner at www.USA.church."