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Separation of Church and God - The Final Judgment

Author Presents Guide to Scripture, Disparity in Church Teachings


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Contact: Keith McCahey, 210-392-0895; Jack Heckathorne, author, 281-543-9404


MEDIA ADVISORY, June 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- There are many different churches in the world today, and with them many different ways the Bible is interpreted. In this book, Separation of Church and God the author presents a guide to Scripture teachings to allow readers to see what the Bible actually says, and how many churches today do not correctly teach this sacred text.


This book is written in the perspective of a churchgoer who understands the frustrations of people who sit in the pews each Sunday and find themselves confused by what they have read in the Bible, or what they have been taught by their church leader. Each chapter covers a different biblical subject and contains scriptures pertinent to the subject being discussed. The chapters include “What is God,” “Can You Lose your Salvation,” “Why does a loving God Allow Suffering” “Repent! What does it mean?” “Is Evolution Logical?” “Atheism,” “Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven,” “Satan and the Conflict of the Angles,” “Religion vs. Christianity,” “How You Can Find Happiness,” and “The Gospel of Jesus Christ.” There are a total of 24 chapters and 346 pages.


Contained within each chapter are other subjects which relate to the main topic. These include “God’s Characteristics,” “The Soul and Spirit of Man,” “Faith in Action,” “Deceit of Satan,” “Idols,” Two Judgments,” “Purgatory” and many others. Through the evidence presented in Separation of Church and God, the author arms readers with the necessary knowledge to discern biblical truth from what is being taught in many churches today. This book is a challenge to the churches of the world to properly present the Gospel of Christ.

The Author says of himself:

"What I am, is a Christian guy, off of the street, who has observed the churches and their activities over the years, because of my particular interest in God. That being the case, I do not feel obliged to represent any one particular denominational or religious viewpoint of the Bible, but rather the Bible itself, as it is written." -- Jack Heckathorne

The Author is available for interviews and book signings.

EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact: 210-392-0895, jack@gjcn.org; publisher Authorhouse™, www.authorhouse.com