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Monday, December 04, 2006

Remarks by the President and Mrs. Bush at the Children's Holiday Reception

NRLC Update on Wednesday House Abortion Vote

CWA: Senators Who Blocked Bolton's Nomination Have Done Huge Disservice to U.S.

National Priests Group Urges Congress to Act on Fetal Pain

Outrage as St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) Relic Auctioned on eBay, Boycott Urged

CWA's President to Speak at Press Conference on Unborn Pain Awareness

Joel Osteen to be Featured on Barbara Walter's '10 Most Fascinating People'

CWA?s Crouse Warns Parents: Don?t Buy Christmas Gifts that are Culture Carriers

Autopsy Confirms That 'Aborted' FL Baby Was Born Alive

FaithFone Wireless Signs WDC Media as Agency of Record

Many in the Faith Community Concerned About Pastor Rick Warren's Lack of Commitment Toward Addressing the Issue of Abortion

Sermonspice.com Offers New Line Cinema's 'The Nativity Story'

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Many in the Faith Community Concerned About Pastor Rick Warren's Lack of Commitment Toward Addressing the Issue of Abortion

Text of President Bush's Radio Address to the Nation for December 2, 2006

Dangerous and Filthy Abortion Clinics; Another Alabama Abortion Mill Violates State Health Codes

Fetal Pain Legislation is Bogus

Friday, December 01, 2006

Christians for Assyrians of Iraq Plan Demonstration; Stand for Iraq's Assyrians, Save the Nineveh Plains

Response of the National Clergy Council to the Open Letter sent by 'Faithful Democrats' Regarding Pastor Rick Warren

Ministry to Build National Retreat Center for the Arts

CMA Doctors Urge Passage of Informed Consent Bill on Fetal Pain

U.S. House of Representatives to Vote Tuesday, December 5, or Wednesday, December 6, on the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act

Remarks by President Bush After Meeting on World AIDS Day

Religious Leaders Stand Up for Rick Warren, Barack Obama

Pro-Family Coalition Issues 'World AIDS Day' Appeal to Rick Warren to Address Homosexuality and 'Gay' Promiscuity in Effort to Stop Pandemic

ACLJ This Week with Jay Sekulow -- Critical Views

California Homosexual 'Marriage' Bill Returns from the Grave

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kansas Supreme Court Allows Abortion Investigation to Continue

Another Church Faces Destruction in Zhejiang Province; Compromise Likely on the Church Property Dispute in Gansu Province

Six Christians Murdered by Muslim Mob in Ethiopia

ABC-TV, Hallmark Broadcast Lutheran Television Specials in December

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