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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Countdown to the Let Them Live Rally in Georgia

South Sudan's Fragile Peace at Risk on Eve of Anniversary

African American Author Kevin M. Weeks reinvests book publishing Royalties to Trademark 'The Street Life Series'

Pro-Life Activists Accept Senator Obama's Offer to Meet with Them to Discuss Abortion

Episcopal Bishop of the Sudan

Church Design & Construction Expert Bruce C. Anderson Announces the Rollout of 'The Church Development Bootcamp' for Church Pastors and Leaders

A Handbook for Today's Conservatives

Reviewers Praise Christian Historical Novel

Faith:REFINED Nominated for Momentum Awards

Adult Stem Cells Reprogrammed Using Aborted Fetal and HES cells

DiscoverChristianSchools.com Announces John Fedele as National Director

Monday, January 07, 2008

Mission House Music Recording Artist Jim Murphy set to Release New Album

Pro-Life Activists Shut Down Senator Obama Rally -- Group Chanted 'Abortion is an Obama-Nation'

Operation Rescue Files 11th Hour Motions to Remove District Attorney, AG from Abortion Grand Jury

Pro Life Song/Singer Nominated For CIA Momentum Award

Beijing Christian Businessman Shi Weihan Released on Bail -- Government Officials Decide Not to Pursue Criminal Charges

Bob Boyd Ministry Brings Hope to Kenya in the Midst of Chaos

Leading Interdenominational Pro-life Group to Give Awards

Remarks by President Bush on the No Child Left Behind Act

Catholics and Protestants Urged to Come Together to Back Huckabee

Retired Air Force Major Offers Hope and Understanding to Returning Troops

'Where is God When I Need Him?' 'Right Here,' New Novelist Says

Philanthropy Expert Calls Upon Creflo Dollar and Other Media Ministers to Open their Financial Books

Letter to President Bush: Please Ask President Mubarak These Questions

Homeschoolers Rally to Make Pro-Life/Pro-Family Movie

Mike Huckabee, From Biblical/Constitutional Perspective, is Still Clueless, a Double-Minded Man

Media Pioneer Jeff Einstein Explores the Confluence of God, Media and Addiction in his New Book: Put God First

National Missions Coordinator Calls for Resignation of Tennessee Attorney General and State Commissioner Over Attempted Murder Cover Up

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Presidential Candidates Invited to Prayer Vigil Sunday Evening -- Congressman Ron Paul Agrees to Attend

Watch out YouTube -- Here Comes Christian Family Tube

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