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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington D.C. (Founded January 2000) Officially Joins Duck Dynasty Campaign

A&E Heading for Quack-Up? Scarborough Says Website Supporting Duck Commander Has Taken Orders for More Than 2,000 Ducks in Less Than 2 Days

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Florida Based Biblical Concepts Ministries Joins National 'Mail the Duck' Campaign to Support Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson

Vision America Unveils Duck Website to Support Phil Robertson

Monday, December 23, 2013

Twitter Blocking Users from Tweeting iStandWithPhil.com

Christian Association of Nigerian-Americans (CANAN) Supports Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' and Calls for his Reinstatement by A&E

Complimentary Christmas Week Christian Counseling Sessions at GospelGuidance

Christmas Week is 'Classic' on Trinity Broadcasting Network

Vatican Official Endorses Film Inspired by Real Pregnancy Shelters

Death Throes of the Death Industry: A Record 87 Surgical Abortion Clinics Close in 2013

A 'Silent Night' Like You've Never Heard: Franciscan Sisters Featured Song for Christmas

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Claus Stomps Obama-Headed Serpent on Christmas Card from John Snyder of Telum Associates

TBN's Smile of a Child Network Shines Bright Christmas Week with 'VeggieTales' and All New Holiday Specials

Friday, December 20, 2013

NRB Announces 2014 Media Award Recipients

Houston Grand Jury Won't Indict Abortionist for Twisting Heads Off Babies

Scarborough Calls on A&E Network to Apologize, Reinstate Phil Robertson

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Over 70,000 Sign IStandWithPhil.com Petition in First 9 Hours

Methodist Pastor Defrocked Following Trial for Conducting Same-Sex Marriage

Growing Up Without a Father Does What?

Women of the National Black Prolife Coalition Denounce Planned Parenthood's Latest Propaganda Maneuver

AFTAH Stands with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Against GLAAD's 'Homo-Fascist' Campaign to Demonize Him

Any State Capitol Can Receive the Gift of Jesus -- for Free

Recovered Addict Mother Alisa Massey Releases Christian Book 'Redeemed'

IStandWithPhil.com Petition Drive Calls for Phil Robertson's Immediate Return to Duck Dynasty

Walking Expedition to Trace Literal Path of The Great Commission

Ministry Organization ALL IN Seeks to Unite Christian Denominations and Grow the American Church

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Carol Replies to War on Christmas

Revealed -- A 20 Year Old Prophecy from Neil H. Brandt of The Messiah Network that the Millennium Would Begin in 2014

Ohio Senator Proposes Dramatic Restrictions on Homeschoolers

Malcolm Gladwell Rethinks the 'Underdog' in His Latest Book, David and Goliath

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