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The Patriot Barbie Announces a National Speaking Tour
Patriot Barbie LLC
Sept. 28, 2023

PHOENIX, Az., Sept. 28, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Lindsey Graham, The Patriot Barbie has begun a national speaking tour. The notorious Oregon salon owner who is famously known for defying lockdowns in 2020 has a powerful story to tell that goes way beyond politics.

Since her stand against tyranny during mandates, Lindsey's story has gone global, and her fight has only strengthened. This mom and entrepreneur's life changing battle has called her into a bigger purpose and America is astounded. Once a small business owner minding her own business, her fight to provide for her family awakened a lioness and a mama bear was called into fierce action.

Lindsey became an unapologetic activist for life, liberty, freedom, and conservative Christian values. She uses her colorful past to reach people where they are, and share God's grace, love, and forgiveness, particularly in the pro-life movement.
Lindsey is now known for her boldness in the fight for children, speaking at school boards and exposing indoctrination in schools. Her platform on social media is recognized for her fiery confrontations with radical extremists.
Lindsey has become an icon for not just freedom, but now faith and a resounding message that being obedient to a God will produce great plans for us all. Her story has accidently become a ministry, as she shakes up political events and rallies with her tear-jerking testimony.

In her book, Targeted, she details the pain and sacrifice her family endured due to her government defiance, but the story has become an astounding success amongst believers. God revealed His purpose through this one action and now her faith and boldness is shaking up a movement.

Lindsey has become one of the most surprising influential leaders in the nation, empowering women, emboldening patriots, and stirring up the silent Holy Spirit in anyone who hears her speak. Her faith is unwavering, her story inspiring and her complete and utter devotion to giving God all the glory, is impactful.
Lindsey has begun traveling the nation, speaking at political events, rallies, churches, and women's events, leaving no truth behind. Sharing her powerful testimony leaves her audience with a call to action and a humbled heart. God can use anyone.
She has since shared the stage with Olympic athletes, Kari Lake, Officer Brandon Tatum, Charlie Kirk and other conservative comedians and keynote speakers.

Be inspired by Lindsey's story, book her to speak, schedule book signings at www.patriotbarbie.com.

SOURCE Patriot Barbie LLC

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