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Pastor Calls for National Boycott of Lutheran Social Services
Contact: Rev. CJ Conner, 620-255-9597
DODGE CITY, Kan., May 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Lutheran Pastor Rev. CJ Conner of Dodge City, Kansas, calls on Christians of good conscience to boycott Lutheran Social Services (LSS).
Lutheran Social Services has resettled at least 1000 Muslims in the state of Minnesota alone and recently released a booklet titled, "My Neighbor is Muslim, Exploring the Muslim Faith."
Once an essential Lutheran Institution in American Christianity, Rev. Conner believes that LSS is unapologetically obsessed with resettling Muslim refugees to the exclusion of persecuted Christians. Their refugee programs are directed by Yusuf Abdi in Minnesota.
Rev. Conner says, "Jodi Harpstead, Executive Director of LSS Minnesota, lauds the booklet, 'My Neighbor is a Muslim.' She partnered with Hassan Ali Mohamud– the founder, Imam, and director of the Minnesota Da'wah Institute. All we hear about is their work with Muslims."
Dr. Stephen Kirby recently wrote about the Lutheran Social Services booklet and Harpstead's associate, Hassan Ali Mohamud, in the March Edition of Frontpage Magazine:
"Ironically, the Muslim imam selected to endorse this booklet appears to be a Hamas supporter, believes that Shariah Law should be enforced in American communities where Muslims are the majority, heads one of two mosques that have been the focus of articles about Somali youth leaving Minneapolis to fight for a terrorist organization, and was recently refused a government security clearance."
Says Rev. Conner, "Christians are being slaughtered, children beheaded, and Lutheran Social Services has abandoned them. Not unlike the Lutheran Leftists in Hitler's Germany who turned a blind eye to the Jewish Holocaust, LSS of Minnesota has turned their back on the victims of the Christian genocide. LSS would rather play footsy with the likes of Hassan Ali Mohamud."
"Christians have lamented the suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world and have asked, 'What can we do to stop the genocide? What can we do to help them?' Start by closing your pocketbook to Lutheran Social Services and re-directing that money to Christian organizations who care about the plight of Christians, who resettle Christians, and who leave the resettlement of questionable Muslim refugees to the Mosques."
"We need a national boycott of Lutheran Social Services. We need to stop giving money to Christian organizations who don't care about Christians being murdered by Muslims for their faith"
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