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Dove & Word Publishing Announces New Book Entitled: 'The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed' by T.R. Bosse
A First Time Look at the Comprehensible Trinity

The reason it was declared a mystery might surprise you

Contact: T.R. Bosse, Dove & Word Publishing, 859-360-9936, tuvott@zoomtown.com

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 17, 2018 -- /Christian Newswire/ -- The Trinity is perhaps the most confusing and controversial subject on the planet. Many famous scholars have attempted to define its understanding without success. More than six billion people do not believe its truth and most Christians consider it an inconceivable mystery. Even today, Churches throughout the world resort to an 1800 year old explanation conceived by 300 bishops in 325 AD. However, in this age of rapidly expanding knowledge comes a book that completely reveals everything the scholars were seeking after. The book is aptly entitled, "The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed," by T.R. Bosse.

Still, there are some obstacles to get through. Skepticism abounds for several reasons. One is due to the doctrine being labeled a mystery for centuries and another, being told by the scholars it shall never be understood. In a sense, it parallels it the story of the boy who cried wolf. As happened when the wolf really showed up, so also happened when God finally revealed His Trinity to us; no one believed. Then, to compound the problem further, the revelation was given to an unknown lay person instead of a mega church pastor or a world renowned evangelist. Who would believe him?

For the most part, the theologians were right. The Trinity could not be understood all those years, because something was holding it back from full comprehension. That something happened to be technology. Not just any technology, but that within the health/science field. This particular knowledge only came on the scene within the last 50–75 years. However, it contained the missing pieces of the puzzle to put the Trinity into the fully comprehensible category for the first time in history. For instance, we know much more about the complexity of childbirth today than was known in times past. The same goes with the blood and DNA. We can tell practically anything about a person's health, ancestry or future possibilities of having a stroke, cancer or Alzheimer's by simply analyzing DNA and blood. When everything is put into perspective with what the Bible tells us about the Virgin Birth, Jesus' genealogy and other Scripture passages, the whole concept of the Trinity becomes entirely perceptible.

"With the onslaught of today's vast information highway, we are seeing thousands of documents attempting to either explain or refute the Trinity. Some are well intended, others lack any godly wisdom," says Bosse. "The Bible declares only God can reveal His Word to us and that occurs through His Holy Spirit. This is especially true involving deep doctrinal truths such as the Trinity."

After nearly 1800 years of being endorsed as Christianity's most vital doctrine, we are seeing a rejection of the Trinity by many Christian colleges and universities. This book is an invaluable tool for the Christian witness to those being taught this hypocrisy and a priceless channel to reach the 6 billion plus non-believing inhabitants of planet earth about this important doctrine.

About the Book:
"The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed" (The entire book is Biblically verified) by T.R. Bosse
ISBN: 978-0-9723974-1-4 | Retail price $13.95 | Available worldwide

About the Author:
T.R. Bosse is a lay minister, a 12 year Nursing Home Ministry Director, and devoted student of the Bible for over 40 years. He has written two books, both about the Trinity. After receiving a revelation in December 1999, he documented everything in his first book (published in 2003). Realizing a big piece of the puzzle concerning the Virgin Birth was missing; T.R. performed a 10 years search before finding the answer within the health/science field. That answer opened revelations in other areas and the new information prompted the need to put everything into this new book entitled, "The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed." The book is available online and in bookstores worldwide. For more information, please contact Dove & Word Publishing or the author T.R. Bosse at