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Almighty God Announces to the World: The End is Now Coming, through Evangelist Ken Bailey, and his Miraculous New Book Set to Release Today
Ken Bailey Ministries
Sept. 7, 2023
AUSTIN, Colo., Sept. 7, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- After many years of hearing God speak to him and calling him to be a last day's prophet, Ken Bailey, has published his stunning new book, The End is Now Coming: God's Urgent Warning to His Church and the Nations.  In it, Bailey reveals the incredible messages that He has received from God, to inform His Church and the Nations, about what is going to happen as life on earth, as we know it today, soon comes to an end. 
"In a world full of lies, propaganda and false prophets, people are desperately looking for someone that they can trust to always tell them the truth; someone whom God is speaking to." Bailey says. "God is speaking to me, and He has asked me to warn the world, that the End is Now Coming.  The final countdown, to the rapture of the Church, and the beginning of the seven-year tribulation period, as recorded in the Bible, is now underway."
Knowing that the time is short, before the return of Jesus Christ, has led Ken Bailey to work with a sense of urgency.
Amos 3:7 says, "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets."

"The Lord has revealed to me, that there is very little time left to escape His coming wrath.  It is one minute until midnight. People, who have not repented and called on the Lord to save them, will soon experience a living hell on the earth, in the tribulation and the terrifying possibility of an eternity separated from God."
Inside the book, Bailey begins by talking about the early years of his life when he first began to hear from God.  He describes his prophetic call and how God raised him up to be a modern-day prophet.
In the middle portion of the book, you'll find chapters on the staggering miracles and visions that the author received from God. He then begins to share the actual messages he received from the Lord, for the church and the nations.  In one supernatural miracle, Bailey describes the day when God took him to heaven and allowed him to see Jesus, just like the Apostle Paul and John experienced two-thousand years ago. 
The latter chapters describe the deceptions that have come upon the earth, the emerging New World Order, and an appeal from God to His prodigal sons and daughters, to come home to their Father.  The book comes to a dramatic climax, in the final chapter, when Bailey shares the actual Words he received from God, warning the world that The End is Now Coming.
Ken Bailey is the founder and President of Alms International; a nonprofit that helps feed and clothe the poor, orphans, and widows around the world.  He is the founder of Ken Bailey Ministries where he takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.  He is the host of the podcast: The Prophetic Voice with Ken Bailey.  The Lord has blessed him to be able to take people on tour trips to Israel and to speak in Messianic Congregations there.  Bailey, and his wife, Sue, find great joy in serving 'the least of these,' that are so often forgotten about by the world.
Websites: kenbaileyministries.com      almsinternational.com
The End is Now Coming is available at major book retailers and at: www.amazon.com/dp/B0CH3V17JV.  
For media inquiries, contact Ken Bailey at: kenbaileyministries@gmail.com
SOURCE Ken Bailey Ministries
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