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Olympic Athletes Provide Singles with Successful Dating Strategy
New book '12 Seconds' offers singles 12 How tos for Relationships and Finances

Contact: Tamilla Palmer Perera, 530-488-9806

GLENDORA, Calif., Sept. 20, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Long before the gold medals are given out, Olympic athletes have already visualized themselves winning. Allison Felix, a Christian and 2 time gold medalist in the women's track and field events at the 2016 Rio Olympics said, "I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally."

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete in the history of swimming said, "Besides, training, my mental preparation is one of the important parts of the whole thing," According to his coach he sees himself in the perfect race in his mind and even imagines the things that could go wrong before any competition.

Simone Biles winner of the all-round gymnast Olympic gold said for years she has been seeing a sports psychologist, Dr. Peter Terry, to help her visualize competitive toughness and success.

If all of these athletes have learned that the secret to striking gold is being able to have a clear picture of success, then, why not Christian singles.

In a recent Pew study conducted over the phone on Millenials, Baby boomers and Generation X, Y, and Z, Millenials who are of the popular marriage ages would like to marry but just can't "see" themselves doing so for financial reasons.

According to Asela and Tamilla Palmer Perera, the co-authors of 12 Seconds to Manifesting Your Blessings for Dates, Marriage and Finances, they need to learn how to draw their dreams into reality because people who draw are 80% more likely to achieve a goal than those who don't.

After attending the Beijing Olmpics 2008 and noticing the amount of athletes who referred to success through mental images, Tamilla said that she started to make such a strong connection between the Bible, success and pictures that she actually drew the face of her future husband in her journal two years before she ever met him.

At that time Tamilla was strugglng with being labeled as a spinster by her British colleagues in Hong Kong. Apparently, after she found out that spinster imeant "glorified old teacher accustomed to wearing floral patterns and granny panties," she realized that she was doing something wrong.

One afternoon, for the first time, instead of getting upset with God over being single and abstinent, Tamilla decided to rejoice and asked God to help her draw a picture in her journal pertaining to her lifemate. She put the picture away and never looked at it again until two years later when she became engaged to a man who strongly resembled it.

Although the book offers the story of the authors' own courtship and marriage, each chapter contains a Biblical wisdom lesson, Bible passages for reference, real life case studies and questions for personal devotion or small group study.

Available through Amazon, 12 Seconds points out several Biblical passages that support the value of drawing pictures for success such as Moses who saw the invisible One (Heb. 11), Jesus who saw his disciples before he met them (Jn. 1) and Jacob whose sheep reproduced speckled sheep by a picture of striped rods (Gen. 30).

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