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Big Screen Lies -- Rock Band Stryper Exposes Bible Myths as the Church Endorses Them
Contact: Rick Dack, 763-913-0351
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Nov. 9, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- "You've got to love how they portray Christianity, just a freak another fool for the world to see…" (www.Stryper.com). "I applaud the guys from Stryper for speaking out against anti-faith media propaganda in their new song 'Big Screen Lies' from their current release 'Fallen.' For decades Bible myths on the big and small screen have been met with either deafening silence from the church or the opposite, endorsements from well-known Pastors and Christian Celebrities who desire praise and influence from filmmakers despite the poor content," stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible Int'l (www.DefendingTheBible.com).

A simple read-through of Amazon.com film reviews of Exodus: Gods and Kings, Son of God, A.D. The Bible Continues, The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, The Nativity Story, Mary, Mother of Jesus and others is a clear indicator that biblical illiteracy in the church is alive and well. Sadly, some of these films and other content are being used in Bible studies. Yikes.

What are the current "Big Screen Lies and Small Screen Attacks" that the church needs to seek out and destroy?
• God is an alcoholic, sexual voyeur who's evil (Family Guy, Robot Chicken).

• Christians have low intelligence. Vulgar, money-grubbing pedophile clergy (South Park, The Simpsons).

• Heaven and angels are fiction (American Dad).

• Exploding rock monsters helped Noah build the ark. Noah wanted his grandchildren dead (Russell Crowe's Noah).

• Noah was an insane drunk (NBC's Noah's Ark).

• Noah sold beer and animals. Moses stole Genesis from pagans. (The Discovery Channel).

• Noah's Ark broke apart and sunk (The Discovery Channel).

• Abraham/Isaac sacrifice mocked (Family Guy).

• The Exodus miracles were faked (The Simpsons).
• The "Exodus" plague of blood -- a crocodile attack (Exodus: Gods and Kings).

• Nativity scenes are evil (The Simpsons).

• Angels disguise themselves as children (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries).

• Jesus may have been the son of a Roman/Herodian soldier (The Nativity Story – 2006 film, In Search of Christmas documentary).

• Jesus faked miracles, sexualized crucifixion (Family Guy, American Dad).

• Jesus' blood is delicious (Lil' Bush).
• No Barabbas (AD: The Bible Continues).
• Jesus was confused about his identity as the Messiah (Mary, Mother of Jesus starring Christian Bale).

• He (Jesus) was forced into ministry by his mother (Mary, Mother of Jesus).

• Jesus vanished from the cross or was eaten by animals (Jesus: The Complete Story, BBC/Discovery Channel).

• Jesus' words from the cross are fiction (FOX's Bill O'Reilly's Killing Jesus).

• Jesus was drugged to make him appear dead (Jesus: The Complete Story, BBC/Discovery Channel).

• Jesus walks up a mountain – no ascension to Heaven (AD: The Bible Continues).

• Peter became a disciple for the money (The Discovery Channel).

• Paul… (See more examples at www.DefendingTheBible.com)

"Now is the time to counteract Hollywood Bible myths with weekly apologetic church classes and support faith-based rock bands like Stryper who fortunately have the guts to speak out. Those that appear righteous yet say nothing or endorse error in the name of 'Christian nice' breed biblical illiteracy and ruin," stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible Int'l.

Films that did strive for biblical accuracy include The Gospel of John, A.D. (1984, the original production), In the Beginning, The Story of Jacob and Joseph, Passion of the Christ and Peter and Paul. Admittedly these films aren't perfect but didn't couch their films with nonsensical, "creative license" disclaimers that allow straying from the biblical text for dramatic/script purposes such as this example, "this program is an adaptation of Bible stories. It endeavors to stay true to the spirit of the book" (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries).

Rick Dack travels the country with his multimedia "Biographies of the Bible" training classes (www.defendingthebible.com) that reacquaint Church congregations and Bible students with biblical persons and events, stress biblical literacy, expose current media myths about the scriptures, provide information on faith-friendly entertainment alternatives and more. Include this unique ministry on your Churches 2015/2016 calendar.