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President and Founder of Christians Engaged to be on LIVE Charisma Magazine Online Question and Answer Session
Charisma Media
Jan. 26, 2024

LAKE MARY, Fla., Jan. 26, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- President and founder of Christians Engaged, Bunni Pounds, will be featured on Charisma Magazine Online for a question-and-answer session with guest host Corey Russell. The live, interactive session will allow for audiences to engage with Pounds as she tackles the biggest topics about Christians in the political system on February 6 at 4:00 p.m. EST.
As dedicated Christians in government become far and fewer, Pounds will provide the proper tools and Scriptural basis to show how everyone—regular citizens and beyond—can get involved in government to see a lighter and brighter change in America happen and illuminate the glory of God.

In her new book, 'Jesus and Politics,' Bunni Pounds delves into these topics, which she will open the floor for viewers to ask questions about. As her heart and passion is to see America ignited for Christ, she wants to empower and equip people with the knowledge they need to make a difference.

"All parts of our culture, especially politics, need followers of Jesus to be involved within the system," Pounds writes. "I want to inspire you to get involved somewhere. The founders of our nation gave us a gift in our Constitution, but our liberty requires our participation."

Pounds also says that beyond the political realm, we all have the opportunity to make a difference for the Kingdom of God; each interaction we have is an open door for us to genuinely make an impact on someone else's life.

"Seek to hear Jesus' voice, know His Word, and be daily obedient to Him—this is how we change the world," Pounds writes. "My story might be walking with members of Congress, but we can all impact someone's life somewhere. Our nation is changed one heart and life at a time, and God loves to use weak vessels just like us."

Viewers can tune in to Charisma Magazine and Charisma News YouTube and social media channels on February 6 at 4:00 p.m. EST to watch this special live question-and-answer session.

You can watch the Q&A here:

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Bunni Pounds is the founder and president of Christians Engaged, which seeks to awaken, educate, and empower Christians to pray, vote, and engage regularly in efforts to improve the nation's well-being. She was a political consultant for sixteen years, helping several members of Congress run their campaigns in addition to serving more than thirty federal, state, and county candidates through her firm. In 2018 she ran for Congress herself, becoming the only candidate in the nation endorsed by Vice President Mike Pence during that primary season. A graduate of Christ for the Nations and Dallas Baptist University, Pounds loves Jesus and sharing the gospel with anyone who will listen—whether she's in the halls of Congress or her own hometown. She and her husband, Tim, have been married since 1996 and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Keep in touch with Bunni Pounds:

Website: https://www.bunnipounds.com/, https://christiansengaged.org/

Facebook: bunnipoundsTX, christiansengaged

Twitter: @bunnipounds, @prayvoteengage

Instagram: @bunnipounds, @christiansengaged

YouTube: @christiansengaged

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