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The Urban Myth that Facilitated the Gosnell Murders Has Not Yet Been Stopped
Contact: B. Keith Neely, 416-464-0445

TORONTO, Canada, Oct. 9, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- "The Gosnell tragedy carried on for decades, because the medical community, media, and government actually believe the urban myth that abortion is the healthiest solution for the mother. Those who oppose it are 'religious zealots,' not scientists," according to a documentary filmmaker. He adds, "it was the police looking for illegal prescription activity, not medical authorities who had issued prior reprimands, who ended Gosnell's business. 'The Pennsylvania Department of Health abruptly decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all.'"

The urban myth came out of a desire to legalize abortion, not out of medical research says B. Keith Neely, producer of Wounded and Abandoned, a new documentary about abortion's many health risks. He has learned over the 8 years of its production that only by skewing and twisting the statistics can the "research" be forced to say that "abortion is safer than childbirth." But tragically this is the official position of the World Health Organization so convincing women against what seems to be "an easy solution" is difficult.

"The abortion industry," Neely continues, "has a valid reason to fear the business consequences of women learning the truth about health risks. They saw what happened when Hormone Replacement Therapy was shown to be linked to breast cancer: Yearly prescription sales plummeted from 61 million to 21 million in the USA alone."

Neely suggests one important solution is that we donate more to the organizations trying to communicate this research: CPCs, pro-life ezines, AAPLOG (American Association of Prolife Gynecologists and Obstetricians), and other pro-life organizations, and yes, the documentary can use every dollar it receives in its campaign ending October 18. He adds that, "until the public believes these health risks, we should not be surprised to read a headline like 'Abortion Clinic to Open in New Mexico to Skirt Texas Pro-Life Law.'" Neely suggests that we recall the original tea party in Boston when early settlers demonstrated that they did not permit outside authorities to impose what they believed to be unfair laws. So today, in addition to strenuous legal actions, "we must also convince every woman that abortion is not her healthiest solution."