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New Book Explores How Faith can Overcome Society's Challenges
Contact: Lisa Lloyd, 405-973-6960

OKLAHOMA CITY, May 30, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- A return to America's theological roots is the solution for what Dr. Mark Mellow refers to as "the American malaise" in his new book "The Good Neighbor: Stories that Teach Families How to Live and Love Well." Mellow is a longtime physician and clinical researcher who believes following God's teachings can have a positive impact on an individual's physical and mental health and society, in general.

"America is a superpower," Mellow said. "However, we should be very concerned about the strength of our social and moral fabric. We have a marked increase in secularism. Speech is increasingly polarized, and views that aren't our own are demonized. Anxiety, depression and addiction are increasingly common, especially in younger generations. This book explores how an authentic return to our faith – living and loving as God intended – can heal those wounds."

After being challenged by his pastor at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City to read the Bible in its entirety, Mellow identified more than 50 selections from both Old and New Testaments that provide important life lessons for families. These recurring messages can empower individuals to behave with genuine benevolence and understanding to overcome racial, ethnic, religious or gender differences. He outlines a plan by which a united faith community can deal with racial strife and immigration and maintain the moral fabric of our society.

Mellow also offers evidence from the fields of epigenetics and social genomics that acting benevolently and being connected to others in a positive way has important and proven health and societal benefits.

"In his book, Dr. Mellow provides us with a powerful reminder of the role of our spiritual values in shaping our society, as well as in our personal lives," writes David L. Boren, former Oklahoma governor and U.S. senator and president of the University of Oklahoma, in the foreword of the book. "Our religious beliefs and moral values greatly impact how we treat each other. Ultimately, spiritual values do more to determine our future than economic or military strength. We should all thank Dr. Mellow for reminding us about what is fundamentally important."

Mellow has authored or coauthored numerous research articles and served as a reviewer for several medical journals. Now retired, he lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. To learn more about "The Good Neighbor," visit www.thegoodneighboronline.com. Mellow is also available for interviews and speaking engagements.