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State Winners for 2018 Longest Married Couple Project Announced by Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Contact: Dick & Diane Baumbach, Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), 321-544-3440, dickanddiane66@bellsouth.net
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., Feb. 5, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- The 2018 state winners of the eighth annual Longest Married Couple Project, sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), the original faith-based marriage enrichment program in this country, were announced today.
"At this time of year with Valentine's Day approaching and the Olympics right around the corner, it is amazing to us the number of state winner couples who are truly Gold Medal champions-- having been married 70 years or more," explained Joe & Sue Talarico and Fr. Tom Ogg, the United States Leadership Team for WWME.
"As in previous years there were many, many nominations submitted," the Talaricos explained, adding, "And, again we witnessed couples married 40 or 50 years being recognized by family and friends as they submitted their names to the Longest Married Couple Project."
The 2018 longest married couple in the United States, based on the nominations submitted, is Mota & Avanelle Young from Bowling Green, KY.   They are married over 81 years having made their marriage vows on April 14, 1936. The Talaricos and Fr. Ogg will be honoring Mr. & Mrs. Young in a special ceremony in their hometown of Bowling Green at the Holiday Inn University Plaza this coming Valentine's Day weekend.
The WWME leadership team noted that there were two other couples married 80 plus years and they are state winners.
As in previous years of the 8-year project, individual state winners will also be recognized and honored by couples involved with Worldwide Marriage Encounter over the Valentine's weekend. or at a time convenient for the winning state couple and their families.
Winners of the project are automatically made members of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Longest Married Couple Project Alumni group. Couples cannot succeed themselves each year as either national or state winners, thus giving an opportunity to honor other longest married couples across the country.
The Talaricos also pointed out that the project is based on nominations received from October 10th the previous year to January 10th of the current year. They also said there were no nominations this year from five states.
The list of the 2018 state winners and their hometowns and wedding dates are as follows:
Mike & Ann Boland                        Tuscaloosa, AL            August 14, 1971     46 years
Clyde & Mary Lovel                        Anchorage, AK            June 17, 1954         63 years
Peter & Virginia Benenati                Scottsdale, AZ              July, 1950              67 years
Raymond & Mary Jean Troillet        Little Rock, AR             Oct 7, 1946            71 years
Francis & Genevieve Ferry             Auburn, CA                  July 23, 1943           74 years
Emil(Rusty) & Elizabeth(Betty) Siefken   Ft Collins, CO    April 14, 1944         73 years
LeRoy & Dorothy Bredenburg         Southbury, CT           Dec 24, 1937              80 years
Creadick Sr. & Doris Powell              Wilmington, DE         Sept 3, 1949            68 years
Benny & Angela Addeo                    Delray Beach, FL         Sept 11, 1948          69 years
Robert & Catherine Pollard                Roswell, GA            April 25, 1946            71 years
Sotero & Caridad Ragasa                     Honolulu, HI            Nov 11, 1949            68 years
Ray & Lucille Tiburzi                          Staunton, IL             Aug 27, 1940             77 years
Ray & Barbara Glaze                          Plainfield, IN            Dec 31, 1947              70 years
Merlwin & Violet Lindner                  Nashua, IA                  Nov 24, 1942            75 years
Chester & Ruth Wenger                      Whiting, KS               Feb 4, 1948                69 years
Kentucky (State & National Winners)
Mota & Avanelle Young                     Bowling Green, KY     April 14, 1936          81 years
Charles & Rita Serio                           Morganza, LA               May 16, 1942           76 years
Heck & Doris Bardsley                      York, ME                        Jan 7, 1943               75 years
Jennings & Mary Cross                      Hughesville, MD            Aug 30, 1947            70 years
George & Mary Hersey                      Brockman, MA                  Jan 6, 1946             71 years
Roy & Anita Harrington                     Wyoming, MI                     June 28, 1941        76 years
Marvin & Ellen Scheuble                   Montrose, MN                   June 6, 1944            73 years
Lenos & Wilma Meneely                      Meadville, MO                  Dec 25, 1944          73 years
Irvin & Jean Weathermon                    Laurel, MT                          Sept 10, 1947         70 years
Raymond & Margaret Davis                Bassett, NE                          March 7, 1944        73 years
New Hampshire
Phil & Maggie Nicoloff                        Durham, NH                       March 31, 1951       66 years
New Jersey
David & Margaret Jaffe                         Scotch Plains, NJ                Jan 2, 1944                74 years
New Mexico
Frank & Jeanette Devoti                        Albuquerque, NM               Jan 29, 1947             70 years
New York
Arnold & Margaret Schultz                    Troy, NY                            Sept 18, 1943          74 years
North Carolina
Jack & Betty Gunkle                              Greensboro, NC                 Dec 20, 1940           77 years
North Dakota
Pete & Mary Ellen Naaden                     Braddock, ND                    Nov 29, 1947            70 years
Esher & Catherine Lingel                       Reynoldsburg, OH            Aug 29, 1942             75 years
Arden & Thelma Lee Crum                  Oklahoma City, OK            July 8, 1942                75 years
Bill & Mary Trumm                            Canby, OR                           Nov 28, 1945             72 years
Elmer & Gertrude Greey, Jr                Shippensburg, PA              Sept 27, 1952            65 years
Rhode Island
Donald & Patricia Turbitt                    Gloucester, RI                    April 20, 1961           56 years
South Carolina
Fred & Nema Holmes                          Greenville, SC                    April 12, 1941           76 years
South Dakota
Robert & Genevieve Brechtel              Vale, SD                             May 20, 1946            71 years
John & Grace Gridley                           Chattanooga, TN               Jan 31, 1948              69 years
Leroy & Fannie Sanders                       Powderly, TX                       Oct 16, 1937          80 years
Theodore & Florence Lindgren                  Springfield, VT                 June 20, 1942        75 years
John & Maria Cassidy                                Arlington, VA                    Aug 20, 1949         68 years
Alfred & Elinor Fergen                             Snohomish, WA                Aug 20, 1946          71 years
Tom & Margaret Stephens                       New Richmond, WI             Sept 22, 1944        73 years
Howard & Joan Kunesh                          Sheridan, WY                       Jan 11, 1947          71 years
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