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Mike Huckabee Ranks #1 for President on the American Christian Voting Guide
Contact: Rev. Steven Andrew, USA Christian Ministries, 877-537-8734 

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Which presidential candidate would bring the most freedom, jobs, and national security from God blessing the USA? According to the American Christian Voting Guide, Mike Huckabee rates the highest based on five Biblical qualifications for choosing leaders.

Huckabee scores an impressive 92% rating, while some candidates didn't meet God's requirements. For example, Huckabee is the strongest to protect Christians from persecution; He also honors God with traditional marriage and being pro-life.

The 2016 presidential candidate rankings are:
  1. Mike Huckabee 92% (A-)
  2. Rand Paul 85% (B)
  3. Ben Carson 82% (B-)
  4. Ted Cruz 80% (B-)

The voter guide is put together by Rev. Steven Andrew. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and reaches millions of people with the Gospel by social media, a daily inspirational email and other ministries. His new book, "God's Plan for the USA," gives Seven Bible Keys that will end our national crisis.

The Bible's qualifications for choosing leaders are a person who: 1) Is a Christian who fears God; 2) Calls for Christian religious liberty; 3) Insists we have God-given rights; 4) Is truthful; and 5) Hates covetousness. This is based on 2 Samuel 23:3, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Exodus 18:21 and other Scriptures written in the voting guide.

The pastor says, "True Americans have always followed God's principles. Our founders had schools read the Bible and chaplains pray in Jesus' name. When people stopped fearing God, all the troubles came."

An example why Huckabee is ranked number one is he bravely defended Kim Davis. Sounding like our founders, the former governor declared that judicial tyranny put a Christian in jail.

Huckabee and Paul are highest for God-given rights and truthfully upholding the Constitution. However, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and some others are listed as "Biblically unqualified," since they don't have a record of fearing God, as the research analysis shows.

"It is time to please God; we must repent of voting based on how much money one raises or popularity. Those things can't make the USA great. However, God will restore His blessings for choosing the strongest Christian after His own heart for president. Mike Huckabee is the closest to a King David running. David did God's will for the nation and God blessed Israel greatly," said the pastor.

For more information on the American Christian Voting Guide and "God's Plan for the USA," visit USA Christian Church at www.USA.church.