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National Black Pro-Life Union President Day Gardner Proudly Endorses Donald J. Trump for President 2024

National Black Pro-Life Union
May 15, 2023

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Day Gardner (photo), President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, she is available for comment:

    I, like all of America, have been watching the strategic planned shredding of our "America the beautiful."

    I am heartbroken.

    I don't understand how fellow Americans, many who have gleaned great wealth and title because of all America stands for as a country -- can now hate our country so much, as to do everything in their power to devastate and destroy it.

    We have media that turns a blind eye to all truth. What happened to the days when television news was about getting different sides to a story based on facts? Today, most news programs are merely opinion and propaganda machines spewing whatever they are told to spew by their billionaire bosses no matter how fact-less, no matter how wrong, no matter how false.

    Our county's border is no longer a border, anyone can barge through. Actually, they don't even have to barge, they can just 'tiptoe through the tulips' across. We have gone from "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses" to give us your drugs, your gangs, your traffickers, your rapists, your diseases, your murderers, etc. What happened to coming to America legally? What happened to securing the safety of Americans first?

    We are seeing hundreds of bank closures -- and hearing talk about the US dollar in danger of no longer being the global reserve currency.

    Our allies seem to be wondering what the crap is going on with the United States, while our enemies are emboldened.

    A few short years ago our military was strong and prepared for anything and everything. Not only did President Biden leave American citizens behind in Afghanistan, he also left spanking new, top of the line equipment. To make matters worse, President Biden is now diminishing our superior arsenal and stockpiles further by giving it away like cotton candy to Ukraine and other countries.

    There is now mounting evidence of the Biden family being involved in pay to play dealings with China and others.

    Everyday Americans are dealing with increased crime on the streets, high food and gas prices, smash and grabs, business failures and high mortgage rates yet, those on the left, are STILL hell bent on attacking former President Donald Trump. He's their priority and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why.

    It's the fear factor.

    At a Wisconsin rally in October of 2017, Trump announced it was time to "Drain the swamp," in Washington, D.C. and spoke of proposing a package of ethics reforms to make government honest again. Immediately, all the good ole boy Democrats and lily-livered Republicans uttered a collective:  "UH-OH!  How dare this savvy businessman, former TV personality upset our crafty and lucrative apple carts."

    Those same people have tried everything to halt Trump…EVERYTHING! They used impeachments, lawsuits, cover-up for this one and/or that one, voter fraud, frivolous investigations, promoting lies -- all while ignoring and even purposefully hiding the truth.

    Even in the recent CNN Trump Town Hall, President Trump calmly and collectively answered the questions from the moderator - turned debater, yet she had a hissy fit because he didn't say what she wanted him to say, in the way she wanted him to say it. Oy…

    Our country is falling apart at the seams. Even though the media, immoral celebrities, and spineless Republican and Democrat politicians have sided with global billionaires determined to take down America, the movement Donald Trump inspired sees through the veil.

    We the people will not do as "the left" expects. Unfounded, frivolous attacks on Donald Trump only solidifies reasons why we must continue to support him.

    America is in deep trouble, and we have come to an impasse.

    Many politicians smile in our faces, patting each other on the back for successfully tricking us one more time - one more political season with phony ballots, pandemics, lawsuits, and whatever the next thing will be. And trust me…there will be something else coming down the pike.

    We are not a socialist country and we do not want to be. We are not a communist country and we do not want to be. We have no interest in the globalist agenda which will be an evil black death to the America that we love.

    I want my America back! I want the America that valued free speech, freedom of religion and traditional family values. I want the America that made it possible for my black parents to work, buy a home and start small businesses while raising six energetic children. I want every child to experience the safe childhood I had -- free from pressures of knowing and experiencing 'adult' things. I want good schools with good teachers who are excited to teach reading, writing and arithmetic -- leaving all other talks and rearing to their parents.

    I didn't break through any glass ceilings in my life, but I did crash through a glass wall or two -- and I want that America back!

    For all these reasons, I STAND with Donald J. Trump and proudly endorse him to be the 47th President of our failing country.

    I truly believe that he, by the hand and grace of Almighty God, can make our beautiful America great again -- from sea to shining sea.

SOURCE National Black Pro-Life Union

CONTACT: Day Gardner, 202-834-0844, daygardner23A@aol.com