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National Black Prolife Coalition Asks President Trump for Protection from Planned Parenthoods' Targeting
Contact: Catherine Davis, 678-381-1058

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga., March 7, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- On March 1, the National Black Prolife Coalition wrote to President Trump requesting Planned Parenthood be defunded – immediately and some of those resources allocated to help those most harmed by Planned Parenthood's genocidal campaign.

"After forty-four years of abortion, it is plain to see Planned Parenthood is targeting women of color in order to meet the goals of The Negro Project launched in 1939. Tragically, they are succeeding. Planned Parenthoods' work violates the very principals of Civil Rights and is steeped in the eugenic population control dogma of their founder, Margaret Sanger" said Catherine Davis, President of the Restoration Project.

Abortion is genocide, the number one killer of blacks in America. "Planned Parenthood smooth-talks themselves into the homes of vulnerable women and takes advantage of them, selling them deadly contraceptives and abortion rather than life-affirming assistance," says Evangelist Alveda King. None of the efforts of my Uncle Martin Luther King, Jr or my dad, the Reverend A. D. King were directed toward taking the lives of unborn Black and brown babies. Their work was always to protect life. Civil rights begins in the womb.

Recent research by ProtectingBlackLife.org reveals that not only are 79% of their surgical facilities located within a two-mile radius of a Black or Latino neighborhood but Planned Parenthood is accelerating their targeting by constructing facilities 10,000 sq. ft. or larger. An alarming 88 percent (22 of 25 mega-centers) target women of color. Disturbingly, 80 percent target Black communities, 56 percent target Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods and 80 percent target one or more colleges. In total, 24 of 25 of the mega-centers target women of color, college women, or both.

In 2014 (the latest year their numbers have been published), Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions, almost a third of all the abortions provided that year. It is not hard to believe most of these abortions were on Black or Latino children.

Walter B. Hoye II, President of the Issues4Life Foundation says "Keeping the Black American community smaller and less powerful reflects the eugenic and genocidal mindset behind the abortion policies advanced by Planned Parenthood. When you understand Planned Parenthood is subsidized by half a billion taxpayer dollars each year you have to conclude that Black American abortions representing 69 times the number of Black American homicides are an entirely intended consequence of legalized abortion."

Pastor Stephen Broden of Protect Life and Marriage Texas agrees, "There are many pathologies adversely impacting the black community and abortion is number one on the list. We cannot allow Planned Parenthood to continue its deliberate slaughter of our babies. Our women and children are being assaulted physically and psychologically through Planned Parenthoods' plot to regulate our population."

"This is a national epidemic that directly impacts our major urban areas. I hope President Donald J. Trump will give attention to this malady as he promises to restore America's inner cities," said Reverend Dean Nelson, President, Frederick Douglass Foundation.