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Reinforcements for the Pro-Life Fight: New Edition of A Classic Resource Adapts to the Changing Abortion Landscape

Catholic Answers
July 11, 2023

SAN DIEGO, July 11, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- With the end of Roe v. Wade, the pro-life movement in America finds itself in a new place--one full of both promise and uncertainty. Dobbs was a great victory, but the abortion lobby and its political allies are regrouping and fighting back. Advocates for unborn life face new arguments, new science, new legal and legislative challenges.

Into this new battlefield, Catholic Answers Press has arrived with a new and thoroughly revised edition of its classic manual, Persuasive Pro-Life by Trent Horn.

The first edition of Persuasive Pro-Life was a uniquely valuable resource for Catholics and all people opposed to abortion who were unsure of their ability to articulate pro-life principles in a way that could sway skeptics and neutralize pro-abortion rhetoric. Drawing on Horn's experience representing the pro-life side in perhaps the most hostile arena--America's college campuses--it has taught tens of thousands of readers to make the case for life confidently and charitably.

This second edition doubles down on the virtues and benefits of the original while bringing readers up to date on the ever-shifting legal and scientific landscape--and staying on top of the latest specious abortion arguments from lettered ethicists and Twitter randos alike.

"Persuasive Pro-Life has been the pro-lifer's indispensable companion from the day it was published," says Todd Aglialoro, director of publishing for Catholic Answers Press. "This new edition keeps us up to date on the changing facts so we can defend the truth that doesn't change: the inviolable right to life of unborn children."

About the Author:
Trent Horn is a bestselling author and a staff apologist for Catholic Answers.

SOURCE Catholic Answers

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