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Evangelist Alveda King: Corey Booker is a Day Late and a Dollar Short: Redeeming MLK's Check Must Include Reparations, Jubilee, and Redemption
"...America has given the Negro people a bad check..." MLK 1963 "I HAVE A DREAM."
April 12, 2019
ATLANTA, April 12, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Democrat presidential hopeful Corey Booker is touting a new reparations bill for African Americans while secretly supporting an agenda of genocide and infanticide by abortion of millions of Black babies. Even now, in New York, Corey's camp is broadening abortion access and simultaneously working to legalize marijuana; kill the babies and anesthetize the conscience of the victims. What an oxymoron; offer freedom and death at the same time.
Let's remind Mr. Booker and his colleagues that Black lives, Black losses by abortion - of one race/one blood human beings - should matter too. These losses should be included in all reparations discussions.
If anyone should pay reparations, it is the Democrat party.
They fought a war to keep slavery alive, opposed emancipation and the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments, founded the KKK, instituted Jim Crow laws to keep emancipated blacks from voting Republican, kept the South segregated and managed to move blacks to their new welfare plantation, support a rabid abortion agenda... and the beat goes on.
What Mr. Booker is not saying is that reparations for American Blacks is not a new demand and like criminal justice reform must be a bipartisan effort. Revamp the initial reparations plan, aka Forty Acres and a mule, the promise made by the United States government to aid formerly enslaved black farmers.
In certain instances in America, European, Jewish, Native American, Asian and Latino communities have received reparative government assistance in the form of tax benefits, education assistance, and other concessions that Blacks do not receive in masse. These concessions have never been designed to be handouts; but rather they are hand up reparations.
For instance, when you purchase foreign automobiles, you repair a certain market; nail shops and beauty supply stores, a certain population benefits; casinos provide funds, and another people group is rewarded; small business independent gas stations are owned by another non-black minority group. These are just some examples of American reparations opportunities for various people groups in America.
To a lesser degree and to a smaller population, some American Black athletes, entertainers and small business owners enjoy incomes in and above the six-figure bracket. For the most part however, American Blacks have been offered excessive access to abortions and multi- generational welfare handouts and entitlements as benefits; which as such continue to generationally limit our success and stifle our productivity.
"Maybe more than anything else, we are now proving that we are a nation that believes in redemption." President Donald John Trump at White House announcement of FIRST STEP MONTH. April 1, 2019
Prayerful attention is therefore now hereby requested in regards to discussions and consideration for a 21st century reparations plan for Black America; circa slavery and post slavery America:
1. Enlist the prayers and support of the faith community in this effort.
2. Extend a term limited tax credit to recipients.
3. Extend lines of credit without severe and unfair credit scoring.
4. Enforce Ban on red lining by zip codes, social security numbers and zoning.
5. Ban unduly burdensome requirements for mortgage qualifications.
6. Award Full College Scholarships and loan forgiveness for those who want an accredited college degree. There should be no age restriction.
7. Extend Tax abatements
8. Wave penalties on compliance and qualifications on obtaining credit, voting rights and employment, business loans, for formerly incarcerated returning citizens.
9. Award land grants.
10. Cancel all abortion grants and repay the Blood Money. Let the people live.
11. The above terms must be awarded in total and not truncated.
"God's Spirit is on me; he's chosen me to preach the Message of good news to the poor, Sent me to announce pardon to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind, To set the burdened and battered free, to announce, "This is God's year to act!" Luke 4:18-19 MSG
SOURCE Alveda King Ministries
CONTACT: Leslie Palma, 917-697-7039
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