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Sharing the Gospel in a Single Moment
Contact: Nick Runyon,

MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 24, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Global charity CV is calling on Christians all over the world to stand together this month to share the Gospel in a single moment on social media. The UK based charity is behind the popular sharing app, yesHEis, and has created the #goeverywhere campaign with the aim of sharing the Gospel with more than 500,000 people across 17 countries this September. 

The #goeverywhere movement will utilize online technology known as a Thunderclap to present the Gospel to as many people around the world as possible on September 30 at 7:30pm. 

"A Thunderclap is a piece of online software that shares a specific message on your chosen social media feed on a designated day and time. A 'blast' occurs when many people sign up to share and the internet is flooded with the same message." Said Nathan Spicer, Global Manager of yesHEis.

Christians who sign up to the #goeverywhere movement will automatically share the campaign video, 'Why I believe,' on their Facebook or Twitter at the time of the Thunderclap. Those who watch the video and have questions about God and faith, or who want to make a decision to follow Christ, can write to yesHEis via the response system. Teams in 17 countries will be ready to follow up responses with answers as well as help connect people to local churches close to them.  

"Imagine what would happen if Christians all over the world stood together in a single moment in time to declare their faith," said Mr. Spicer.  

"Not only would it be very hard to ignore but it would send a powerful good news message to the rest of the world."
While the #goeverywhere campaign has a projected social reach of over 500,000 and aims to introduce hundreds of thousands of people to Jesus, the movement also encourages Christians to be more active in sharing their faith. yesHEis hopes to see more than 100,000 Christians sign up to the Thunderclap throughout September. 

"In Mark 16:15 Jesus said 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation,'" said Mr. Spicer. "He commanded us to 'go,' and this is what #goeverywhere 2015 is all about."
"As followers of Jesus we have no alternative but to share the Gospel by all means possible; evangelism isn't optional," said Lord Edmiston, Founder of CV (formerly Christian Vision).  

Christians can join the #goeverywhere movement by visiting usa.goeverywhere.global today and signing up for the Thunderclap. The campaign will operate in more than 14 languages across 6 continents and yesHEis is encouraging churches and Christian leaders to also get behind the campaign. 

More information about yesHEis
yesHEis is a free tool to help Christians share Jesus online by connecting the best, most 'sharable' content with an engaging presentation of the Gospel, providing an opportunity for the viewer to become a follower of Jesus. yesHEis makes it easy for Christians to begin conversations and discussions about their faith through videos and other content ranging from light, introductory topics to deep theological issues. To-date, the platform's use has resulted in more than 325,000 people sharing their faith online, 12 million views and 33,000 responses.
More information about CV
Since its founding in the U.K. 26 years ago, CV has grown to include teams in 22 countries around the world. CV's various projects (one of which is yesHEis) are part of the charity's vision to "Touch-a-Billion" through using the most effective media platforms to introduce individuals to Jesus in the world's major languages. The #goeverywhere global campaign goals are a continuation of CV's vision to reach 1 billion people around the world with a clear presentation of the Gospel message and an opportunity to make a decision for Christ. Through CV's "Touch-a-Billion" and "Impact-a-Nation" strategies, the charity is now well on the way to seeing this vision become reality. 

To find out more about the #goeverywhere campaign please visit usa.goeverywhere.global

To find out more about yesHEis and CV please visit cvglobal.co 

For further media information please contact Nick Runyon at usamarketing@cvglobal.co