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National Pro Life Lawyer: Defending Daughters and Doing What's Right

Life Legal Defense Foundation Attorney Urges Critics to be Civil to Santa Barbara Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Students

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 27, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- A University of California at Santa Barbara professor made headlines when she went berserk on a group of pro-life advocates on campus earlier this month. Ironically, Life Legal Defense Foundation Legal Director Catherine Short is the mother of 21-year-old Joan Short and 16-year-old Trin Short, two of the young women assaulted by the professor. The professor's actions have provoked much justified online criticism of her as well as unwarranted personal attacks via social media. In response to this, the senior Short has asked the public to be civil and has called upon the university administration to welcome the pro-life presence on campus.

Professor Mireille Miller-Young has been charged with battery, vandalism, and theft for her actions in accosting the girls and stealing their property. Attorney Short affirmed that, "What Miller-Young did, what she has said and written, what she teaches and publishes, UCSB's response, and appropriate sanctions for her actions have a place in the conversation." She went on to insist that personal disparagements do not. "As my daughters tell people they meet on campuses, let's keep to the topic and have a reasonable, productive conversation," explained Short.

Miller-Young's well-publicized attack has resulted in many expressions of support for the Short sisters, which they have gratefully welcomed. Misguided disparagement of the professor who assaulted them, has drawn reproof from their mother, who urges all to be civil.

An openly biased email from the university's Vice-Chancellor Michael Young to UCSB students following the incident, referred to "evangelical types" as "self-proclaimed prophets, and provocateurs" and "proselytizers hawking intolerance in the name of religious belief." His missive insists that "students have expressed outrage, pain, embarrassment, fear, hurt, and feelings of harassment…" This prejudicial communication from the high-ranking university administrator has prompted Short to request that he personally observe a pro-life outreach, and that the school honor free speech and equal access for pro-life groups.

"At Life Legal Defense Foundation, we are unequivocally pro-life," stated Dana Cody, President and Executive Director. "We daily pursue legal means of ending the abortion of helpless and innocent children and we fully support Catherine's daughters in their pro-life witness," she assured. "At the same time, we heartily endorse Catherine's call for civility to all, especially those whose actions are inappropriate and misguided."

Read Attorney Catherine Short, Legal Director of Life Legal Defense Foundation's full statement HERE.

Read the March 2014 email from University of California at Santa Barbara Vice-Chancellor, Michael Young, to University of California at Santa Barbara students HERE.

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