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Abortionists Create High-Priced Legal Defense Firms to Shield Pro-Aborts from the Law
Life Legal Defense Foundation
Feb. 24, 2023

NAPA, Calif., Feb. 24, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-aborts have assembled a cadre of white-shoe legal defense firms to relieve them of their responsibilities under the law. Many of the firms in the newly created "Abortion Defense Network" have been shielding Planned Parenthood and other abortionists from liability for criminal activity, including selling the body parts of aborted babies, for decades. Their lawyers charge upwards of a thousand dollars an hour to ensure that abortionists can continue unabated in their murderous profession.

Life Legal is involved in a number of cases where abortion workers have threatened, harassed, and physically assaulted pro-lifers. For example, in one case, an abortion "escort" drove her vehicle into an elderly man who tried to stop her from speeding, blaring her horn, and driving erratically around a peaceful prayer vigil. The car's tire pinned the man to the pavement, breaking his leg. In another case, a pro-abort savagely attacked a pro-lifer on a public sidewalk, pushing him to the ground and mercilessly kicking him. In yet another case, a woman entering an abortion clinic shoved a pro-lifer into a fire hydrant, puncturing his lung and causing life-threatening injuries. In each of these cases, officials tasked with protecting the public failed to hold the assailants accountable.

In one of our cases, near our headquarters in Napa, California, we are suing the abortion clinic and its trained bullies under a "bubble zone" ordinance that Planned Parenthood lobbied to pass in order to harass sidewalk counselors.

After attempting to work with prosecutors to seek justice for victims of assault, battery, and other grievous crimes, we sought recourse in civil courts. Instead of acknowledging that violence in and outside abortion clinics is unacceptable, pro-aborts decided to organize a legal defense team so they can use the legal system to justify continued aggression toward those who seek to protect human life.
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