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New Release Features Friendship, Fear, and Justice in the Wild: An Emotional Story of Predators and Prey
Contact: Fred Tate, 360-226-3488, MelanietheBadger@msn.com
ENUMCLAW, Wash., Dec. 10, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Melanie the Badger (Redemption Press), a new release by author and actor Fred L. Tate, teaches universal lessons in survival, happiness, and justice in the wild through the life and struggles of a badger.

Scientists studying animal behavior and cross-species relationships note similar behaviors to human behavior and relationships. In a January 26, 2015, article in the New York Times, Erica Goode wrote, "Other species, it turns out, share abilities once considered exclusive to humans, including some emotions, tool use, counting, certain aspects of language and even a moral sense."
Melanie the Badger provides a window on animal behaviors and emotions in this classic tale of good versus evil dramatically expressed through the viewpoint of a "loving predator" called Melanie. This powerful and emotional novel culminating in an epic battle gives dramatic lessons in never losing hope, conquering evil, having charity toward others, staying strong in life, and maintaining faith.

Melanie the Badger is the second of author Fred L. Tate's five planned novels in The Warren series of animal novels. The first novel in the series, The Warren, is a story of the life and death of tame house rabbits and wild rabbits from the viewpoint of the animals. Tate has also completed the first novel of his second series of animal novels, Revenant, the story of a wild wolf and his young human companion in his the forest.

Fred L. Tate retired from the navy after twenty-three years and is currently working in Hollywood as a stand-in on the NCIS television series.

For more information, contact: Fred Tate MelanietheBadger@msn.com.

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