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Evangelist Alveda King: Home Going Tribute for Pastor Allen McNair

"When the Guild of Prophets... came out to greet Elisha, they asked him, 'You are aware, aren't you, that later today the LORD is going to remove your master from being your mentor?' 'Of course I'm aware of it,' he said. 'Calm down.'" 2 Kings 2:3

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ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Alveda King:

    Pastor Allen McNair was my mentor for over 28 years.

    As an evangelist trained by Pastor McNair, I am one of many BBCC members making a difference in the world. We are godly entrepreneurs, educators, evangelists, in public health and safety, corporate officials, consultants, musicians, experts in media, real estate, medical and health care professions, and many other walks of life. We are God's gifts expressed through the ministry of Allen McNair.

    Through the years Pastor McNair ministered at home and also partnered with global ministries, traveling extensively building lasting relationships with people of faith while advancing the Kingdom of God; and fostering Christian fellowship, including The African Humanitarian Christian Fellowship with branches in Accra Ghana, Togo, Nairobi Kenya and Ethiopia.

    His cherished wife Mrs. Anna McNair and their three beloved adult children, Tim McNair, Theo (Teddy) McNair, Jr. and Angela McNair Mattox and their spouses and children remain to carry the legacy in the ministry.

    As a devoted husband, father and grandfather, Pastor McNair considered it a sacred trust to help families to live prosperous, healthy and enjoyable Christian lives.

    Programs such as the Men's Fellowship, Women's Fellowship, Boys for Christ, and Girls for Jesus Club guided by Mrs. McNair, The Family Enrichment Ministry, outreach through the annual community picnic and fall love festival are just some examples of how the BBCC Ministry blesses the community, nation and the world.

    Pastor McNair often greeted us at BBCC with the salutation "welcome home." Now he is home with the Lord. He will be remembered as a beloved and "good man," full of the Holy Spirit; a seasoned and respected and great Man of God whose faith worked by love.

    Many note that in several ways, his Christian walk is reflective of the mighty men of God in the Bible.

    His personal ministry walk is best reflected in his dedicated years of service as Senior Pastor of Believers' Bible Christian Church. His Christ like example of faith and love remains very evident in his willingness and obedience in accepting God's directive for him to establish a ministry and outreach center to take the message of faith, healing and miracles to the nations and to more specifically reach Black America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    In the words of my grandfather Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., according to a message Granddaddy preached at home going services during his lifetime: "Pastor McNair is still in business, just moved upstairs."

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    Click HERE to watch a music video with memories of Pastor McNair and song "HEAVEN COMES TO ME" inspired by a sermon by Pastor McNair.