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Chasing Fire: An Adventure into Intimacy with God
Contact: Lisa Martin, 818-427-6502, info@deepblueministries.com
AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 6, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- God speaks. Anyone can hear Him and everyone should. After many encounters with people who have made statements such as "God doesn't speak anymore," "I can't hear God," and "God only speaks to people in leadership," Lisa Martin decided to share her encounters with God in her new book, Chasing Fire: Encountering the Divine. Living a life of hearing and following God for most of her life has led Lisa to discover the true secret to success. God has spoken to her and moved supernaturally in her life, such as the time He sent angels to spare her and her teammates from execution by an unruly gang of thugs during a mission trip.
Examples of God speaking to her and others fill the book. Lisa shares, "Those who read this book will know God is real and will come away with the knowledge that God is actively involved in our everyday lives. Readers will be equipped with practical tips to position themselves to hear God and enter into a deeper relationship with Him. Applying the information in this book will put them on a path to intimacy with God by living according to His Word and will afford them an adventure of abundant blessing!"
Mary Anne Kent, Director of Women's Ministry at Northwest Fellowship Church in Austin, Texas, agrees, "The challenge to wait expectantly to hear His voice has motivated me to dig deeper and listen longer. The practical teachings about how to hear and discern God's voice and how to recognize the different ways He speaks make this a great resource for anyone endeavoring to discover God's will."
Besides her book, Lisa speaks at conferences nationwide. Lisa will soon be a writer for Women's Ministry online magazine and is hoping to be featured as a presenter for Proven Way.org. Her website is www.deepblueministries.com and her blog is www.dosesofpower.blogspot.com.  
Chasing Fire--Encountering the Divine, by Lisa Monique Martin, 176 pages, PB, $13.99, ISBN: 978-158169-544-1 Published by Evergreen Press (2014). Distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor and Amazon.com. Evergreen Press has been a publisher of Christian books since 1987.