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Today's Kids Need Great Role Models -- Amazing Annabelle is One of Them
Contact: Linda Taylor, 631-873-5818
MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 22, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Linda Taylor, a 28-year veteran of the teaching profession, was inspired by all of the "amazing Annabelles" she's had in her classroom over the years. Annabelle is a composite of those positive students that show a genuine love for school and excitement for learning. Taylor wanted to capture the best of their character traits in her new series of chapter books to inspire and motivate students everywhere to emulate Annabelle.
Linda Taylor has an MS in Education from City College and in her classroom has experienced many of the situations that her character, Annabelle, faces in these books. Linda shares, "My purpose in writing these books was to acknowledge real situations that frequently happen in the classroom and provide resolutions using problem solving, relationship building, and wisdom. I tried to portray the real feelings and thought process of my characters throughout the series." She continues, "I'd like the values and lessons in these stories to reach young people far and wide. The messages in each book are universal in nature, and all students can benefit from them."
Pam Doughty, an elementary school teacher herself, perhaps says it best, "Amazing Annabelle is truly an amazing character! She possesses personality traits that we can all strive for: self-confidence, perseverance, compassion, endurance, and problem solving. She has such a wonderful outlook on life and finds the positive in any situation. What a great role model! This is a great character education story that can be read across the elementary grade levels. While reading the story, I was able to bring Annabelle to life in my mind. The illustrations are fabulous. I look forward to reading all of her adventures. Such a wonderful gift of storytelling. Well done."
Mary Rettaliatta, an assistant school superintendent, agrees, "The books so well present real situations that students would find themselves in, in terms of inter-relationships with one another. They acknowledge their feelings and work through them. The books are an easy read with strong vocabulary and wonderful family nuances. I love the wholesomeness of the books."
Amazing Annabelle chapter book series by Linda Taylor, illustrated by Kyle Horne, amazingannabelle.com, 96 pages, PB, $9.00 each.
Published by Touch Point Productions & Publishing (2018). Distributed by Ingram and Amazon.com.
Amazing Annabelle and the Apple Celebration, ISBN: 9781947829008
Amazing Annabelle and the Fall Festival, ISBN: 9781947829022
Amazing Annabelle—Thank You, Veterans! ISBN: 9781947829015
Amazing Annabelle—December Holidays and Celebrations, ISBN: 9781947829039