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Goodwill Media Services: Empowering Authors with the Freedom to Become Micro-Publishers

Goodwill Media Services
July 3, 2023

CARY, N.C., July 3, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Goodwill Media Services Corp, a leading micro-publishing platform, is helping to revolutionize the publishing industry by empowering authors to take full control of their own publishing journey through what they are calling micro-publishing. With traditional publishing routes becoming increasingly challenging and time-consuming, Goodwill Media Services offers authors a faster, more efficient way to turn their writing hopes into reality.

In today's competitive publishing landscape, the odds of getting published through traditional channels are stacked against aspiring authors leaving them with limited opportunities to showcase their work. Goodwill Media Services understands the frustrations faced by these individuals and believes that every author deserves a chance to share their message with the world.

"We help writers who are tired of the traditional publishing route, where being a successful author may take years to materialize. Let's face the brutal truth: it's a tough road," said Carl Dobrowolski, President of Goodwill Media Services. "What does this do to their vision, their countless hours of refining their book? The opportunity to make a profound impact? There's an alternative: Goodwill Media Services. We empower authors to become micro-publishers, ensuring their book is sold in months not years. Their message deserves to be in the market now."

By offering authors the tools, mindset, and support they need to navigate the self-publishing process, Goodwill Media Services enables them to bring their books to market efficiently and effectively. Authors no longer must rely on publishers' acceptance and lengthy approval processes. With Goodwill Media Services, authors publish their work on their own terms, making their message available to readers sooner.

"We believe that every author has a unique story to tell, and it is our mission to help them share it with the world," added Dobrowolski. "Countless individuals have turned to us and transformed their lives and careers by having their book published under their name. They like the path we offered them -- one of freedom and success."

Goodwill Media Services offers a range of comprehensive publishing services, a wide selection of publishing and coaching packages for every budget, including editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, and distribution. With a focus on empowering authors and ensuring their success, the platform aims to reshape the publishing industry and create new avenues for aspiring writers.

For more information about Goodwill Media Services and to schedule a consultation, please visit www.goodwillmediaservices.com.

About Goodwill Media Services:
Goodwill Media Services is a leading self-publishing platform dedicated to empowering authors and helping them achieve success in the competitive publishing industry. With a range of comprehensive services, Goodwill Media Services enables authors to become publishers and share their unique stories with the world. To learn more, visit

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