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Abortion, False Prophets, and Spurious Political Leaders

Fair Park Bible Fellowship
July 6, 2022

DALLAS, July 6, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Black Bible Believing Pastors are outraged at the recent support of abortion, which churches, especially black churches, affirm.

Pastor Stephen Broden of Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, said:

    "The impact of abortion on the black community is documented as the number one killer of black lives across America. Recent statements by Al Sharpton and Jamaal Bryan, leaders in the community, reflect support for the practice of slaughtering black babies. Their comments suggest that it is biblically appropriate for women to murder babies.

    "These statements are deceptive ploys used to affirm a practice clearly in violation of the word of God! The 6th commandment states, 'Thou shallot commit murder.' The killing of an innocent baby in its mother's womb is murder! Sharpton and Bryan, along with the Congressional Black Caucus, are false prophets deceiving our people to participate in a eugenic plot to depopulate the black population. The Bible warns us not to be deceived (Col.2:8). It tells us that a deluding spirit will deceive many in the last days. These ideas are doctrines of demons."

    Pastor Broden's further said, "black leaders who support abortion are guilty of betraying black babies, black families, black women, the gospel, the Bible, and Jesus Christ!"

Dr. Randy Short of SALT Ministry in Washington, D.C., stated,

    "The pro-abortion agenda supported by the C.B.C., the A.M.E. Council of Bishops, Al Sharpton, and other traitorous so-called Black leaders are heretical, reprobate, blasphemous, and Luciferian. They embody the bankrupt, genocidal, debased, narcissistic Black-self hatred that enslaves the masses of Black Americans."

    Dr. Short further noted, "The Bible is replete with stories that detail God's wrathful punishment and destruction of civilizations that dare to promote Satanic paganism. These worldly Black Christian ministers have forgotten that God destroyed the dark-skinned Egyptians, Sodomites, and Canaanites for their wickedness. The 400-year history of Blacks being oppressed in America does not absolve them from their knees having to bow, and their tongues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Abortion is murder and is an abomination that never has been and never will be healthcare. God's judgment on Black America for its romance with sin is manifested in infertility, breast cancer, mental illness, addiction, suicide, and our replacement by new minorities.

    "These apostate thugs are today's Baal's priests of Molech who have deceived Black Americans into taking the eugenics-wide road to Hell. Race pimps assert that Blacks are hated but seek to strip them of God's protection. These liar-hireling preachers have set Blacks up for destruction."

Founder of Every Black Life Matters, Kevin McGary, also expressed outrage about how many "Black leaders" decry the recent SCOTUS ruling on abortion. He states,

    "'Black leaders' are manipulated to the extent they willingly participate with schemes of 'White supremacy' and racism targeted against the communities they purport to represent!

    "Many 'Black leaders' willingly stand with Planned Parenthood even knowing the Founder of Planned Parenthood (Margret Sanger) was a frequent speaker/contributor to the women's Ku Klux Klan (K.K.K.) and specifically started clinics to 'exterminate the negro population' (her exact words).

    "These 'Black leaders' also meekly stand by in complicity while Black communities are disproportionately targeted for abortions. While Blacks only make up 13% of the population and child-bearing aged Black women only about 3.5%, strategic targeting of Black pre-born babies' lives (via abortion) is clear since approx. 40+% of all abortions are Black babies! (That figure considers the relevant demographic and population differences).

    "Most 'Black leaders' who rant and point fingers about racism and 'supremacy' tacitly cheer eugenics. Abortion is borne from eugenics!

    "'Black leaders' who bemoan recent abortion rulings are (by definition) reprobate and derelict!"

On the issue of abortion, the lines are drawn between the philosophies of men versus the WORD of GOD! Conservative Bible-believing pastors have made the demarcation clear.

SOURCE Fair Park Bible Fellowship

CONTACT: Pastor Stephen Broden, 214-826-0018