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How the Woke Culture is Infiltrating Religious Beliefs

Pure Publicity
Aug. 17, 2021

WASHINGTON, Aug. 17, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Noelle Mering (photo) is a fellow at the Washington D.C.'s the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the author of Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology.

As we witness the Woke movement escalating it claims to be the sole authority and path to fighting oppression and injustice in areas of gender, race, and sexuality.

But many sense that there is something unjust about this social movement rooted in victim mentality – the shame-based education in schools, the removal of historical statues, the people and books targeted by the cancel culture. In the faith community and secular society, it has become its own religion, void of justice, mercy and Christ.

Here are some interview topics to consider:

  • WOKE MOVEMENT CREATES COWARDLY CHRISTIANITY: Christians who do not support current movements and defend moral law/biblical standards are labeled intolerant or divisive.
  • WOKE IDENTITY PROMOTES DIVISION: People are identified by hatred of society or oppression, not as creations of loving God in need salvation.
  • GOD'S AUTHORITY IS REPLACED: A "victim-mob" mentality is created- your person-hood is absorbed by the group and replaces critically thinking (truth) with critical theory (power). Human will reigns reason, and human power over a holy God - the goal is to indoctrinate and recruit activists.
  • WOKE IDEOLOGY PREYS ON CHILDREN & THE FAMILY: Children are taught trans-activism, gender dysphoria, sexual liberation and to question their own genders. Parents and therapists who express hesitation or seek help are labeled as trans-phobic. 

To be effective WOKE theory has to be explanatory (understand history of your oppression), practical (steps to be an activist) and normative (convince others of a moral righteousness to fight back) - the Church needs strong leaders to speak clarity and create awareness/unity and how it targets God and Christianity.

SOURCE Pure Publicity

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