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Perseverance of the Faith-based Community Pushes Investment Pioneer, Timothy Plan, Over $1B
Contact: Stephen Ally, Timothy Plan, 407-644-1986

ORLANDO, Fla., July 20, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Timothy Partners, LTD (Orlando, FL), manager and adviser of Timothy Plan, announced on Thursday, July 20th that the family of funds has eclipsed $1 billion in assets under management (AUM). This is a milestone moment for any packaged investment product, but for the family of mutual funds that started an entire movement, it is particularly special.

"I didn't allow myself to dream about reaching milestones like this when we launched in 1994. The purpose of Timothy Plan is to provide Christian and principled investors the opportunity to earn competitive returns, while aligning their investments with the Biblical principles in which they believe," said Arthur Ally, President of Timothy Partners, LTD and founder of Timothy Plan. The first of its kind, Timothy Plan was started in 1994 when Art Ally, then a financial advisor, was tasked with starting a retirement plan for non-denominational pastors. What he experienced, when undertaking that task, shocked the financial veteran.

"I couldn't find any funds or investment products that employed Biblical screens of the companies in which they invest. We had pastors preaching on Sundays about how we need to stand against the increasing number of abortions, or the infiltration of pornographic material into our society, but then were funding their retirement plans with the stocks of companies that were directly supporting these two industries. When I showed this to them, they were shocked."

Timothy Plan screens all their investments to make certain that the companies in which they invest do not have ties to anything contrary to a traditional, conservative interpretation of Biblical principles. At the time of launch, there were no other funds or investment vehicles that comprehensively screened their investments for religious principles. Now, there are other faith funds, green funds and socially responsible funds. There are even "sin" funds that stand in direct contrast to the purpose of Timothy Plan. While other funds have been quicker to reach the $1 billion watermark, Timothy Plan has weathered the storm of the recession and was built upon its own success, without the backing of a mainline church denomination.

"There may be other funds that screen, and I am glad that we started a movement to align investments with belief. But, none of that matters if a person's heart isn't right with God. What I can promise is that Timothy Plan will never compromise on its original mission, and I believe that is what God asks of us. Today is not about Timothy Plan, nor is any other day. Today is about realizing the amazing things that can happen when individuals are willing to change an aspect of their lives to further the Kingdom of God." – Arthur Ally, President & Founder, Timothy Partners, LTD, Timothy Plan