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Scott Wiener: A Rising Star?

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
July 5, 2023

NEW YORK, July 5, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Michael P. McDonald, Director of Communications, Catholic League:

    At the end of 2022, Rep. Nancy Pelosi announced she would not seek a leadership position in the House Democratic Caucus, signaling she might retire soon. While we can only hope that such an ardent foe of Catholic teachings might bow out of national politics, unfortunately, those waiting in the wings to replace her are just as radical.

    At the top of that list is California State Senator Scott Wiener. He has represented San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County since December 5, 2016. Wiener has garnered attention as an advocate for many progressive causes; however, what has brought him the most notoriety during his political career is his promotion of radical LGBT causes.

    Wiener has a reputation for being an outspoken proponent of the most extreme LGBT positions. For instance, he condemned legislation in Texas that would make it illegal to take children to drag shows. Wiener tweeted that the bill had given him an idea of "offering Drag Queen 101 as part of the K-12 curriculum."

    It would be bad enough if Wiener's support for radical LGBT causes was limited to public statements. Unfortunately, he has used his seat in the California Senate to craft legislation ensuring these causes are enshrined into law.

    He drafted legislation that allows men in prison who self-identify as women to gain access to the women's facilities. Since this bill became law on September 26, 2020, a number of women have been impregnated by men taking advantage of this law.

    Wiener also sponsored legislation, which allows homosexual adult men not to register as a sex offender if they have relations with minors provided the ages of the victim and perpetrator are less than ten years apart, and the minors are older than 14. This also became law in 2020.

    His biggest legislative victory for LGBT causes was his 2021 bill that made California a sanctuary state for sexually confused children and their abusive parents. When this became law in 2022, it essentially turned the Golden State into a destination for child mutilation.

    Wiener is not only a supporter of radical LGBT causes, but he also flagrantly disregards parental rights.

    For instance, in his legislation making California a sanctuary state for trans kids, he makes it clear if children run away to California because their parents do not support transgenderism then the state will not work to reunite the children with their parents.

    Early this year, Wiener killed legislation that would require schools to notify parents in writing that their child has changed his gender identity.

    However, his greatest assault on parental rights came when he amended legislation so that it would compel parents under the California Family Code to affirm their "child's gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child." If this legislation were to become law, parents who do not endorse this madness risk losing their children to state authorities.

    In addition to these positions, Wiener is openly hostile to religion. He has long supported the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, one of the most virulent anti-Catholic groups among LGBT activists. He was highly supportive of the Los Angeles Dodgers reinviting the "Sisters" to the team's "Pride Night" ceremonies. He went so far as to present the anti-Catholic bigots with an award at the State Capitol.

    Wiener has additionally been extremely critical of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. On several occasions, he has lambasted Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco. He also blasted the Vatican for ruling that the Church could not bless same sex unions.

    Wiener has even put his hatred of religion into legislation. In 2021, he introduced a bill that requires the University of California healthcare to break existing partnerships with hospitals, particularly Catholic ones, that refuse to provide elective abortions, sex reassignment surgeries and sterilizations.

    While it is bad enough that he has inflicted his radical agenda on California, Wiener has started to lay the ground work to bring these policies to the national stage. In March of 2023, he announced that he formed an exploratory committee for the congressional seat currently held by Pelosi.

    Given the hard left turn taken by the Democrats, Wiener could easily find himself in a prominent role within party leadership. In such a position, Wiener would be in a strong position to influence national policy. With Pelosi gone, we could be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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SOURCE Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

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