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Sit-in at the Department of Justice in Support of Pro-Life Political Prisoners: Nine Young Activists Risk Arrest

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust
June 26, 2024

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- Nine young anti-abortion activists are risking arrest during a sit-in protest in support of nine pro-life inmates, and against the Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances Act (FACE Act).

More than thirty activists from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will assemble on the corner of Pennsylvania and 10th NW, outside of the Department of Justice on Thursday, June 27th at 12 noon. They will call for the pardon and release of the nine anti-abortion political prisoners and the repeal of the FACE Act. Nine youths, representing the nine individuals who were politically targeted by the Biden DOJ, will sit down outside of the entrance of the building.

The nine political prisoners were recently sentenced to years in prison for peacefully praying inside the notorious abortion facility, Washington Surgi-Clinic. The prayerful sit-in unleashed the ire of Biden officials. Since that event, more than fifty peaceful anti-abortion activists have been targeted and arrested for FACE Act violations. In the previous decade, only seventeen activists had been arrested for the same crime.

“Clearly, this is political persecution. Biden and Harris have made abortion their main re-election talking point; they have to show progress on the issue,” said Jocabed Torres, an activist with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. “They are arresting prayerful grannies rather than hunting down the violent arsonists who have burned down pregnancy care clinics.”

Passed in 1994, the FACE Act prevents the entrances of reproductive health clinics from being blocked through protests, intimidation, or destruction. As written, FACE Act applies to actions at abortion facilities and life-affirming pregnancy care centers. Since 2020, at least 350 pro-life clinics and organizations have been targeted with intimidation, arson, violence, and vandalism. Unlike the prayerful sit-ins at abortion facilities, these aggressions in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade violate the FACE Act. To date, only three pro-abortion advocates have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit intimidation at a pregnancy resource center in Florida. The DOJ has not made arrests in the other cases.

“The FACE Act is a draconian response to peaceful protest. If we did this same sit-in at an abortion clinic, these activists would be facing up to 10 years in prison,” said Emma Craig, Media Coordinator for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. “FACE is being used by this administration to shut down pro-life speech; it should be repealed.”

The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust is a non-profit organization founded to train young adults in effective, peaceful, anti-abortion action. Last summer Survivors led an effort to prevent the DuPont all-trimester abortion business from expanding to Beverly Hills, CA. Their efforts were rewarded when DuPont’s lease was rescinded by the building’s management company.

SOURCE Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

CONTACT: Emma Craig, Media Coordinator, 707-980-8825, info@survivors.la