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The Land of the Bible Meets the Word of the Bible
Contact: CJCUC Media Department, 516-882-3220, info@cjcuc.com  
NEW YORK, July 14, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) is joining forces with the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ) to host Christian groups visiting Israel by providing an innovative interactive biblical experience that fuses the Land of the Bible with G-d's Word. "To truly appreciate the journey Abraham took when G-d asked him to leave it all behind in Genesis 12 and its eventual influence on Western civilization, one must comprehend the life and culture shaping humankind at that time," commented David Nekrutman, CJCUC's Executive Director. He added that the "Main Exhibition of the BLMJ, with its authentic priceless collection of ancient art and archaeological findings provides visitors with a visual panoramic view of life between the lines of the Bible."

Since 2008, CJCUC has hosted tens of thousands of Christian tourists to Israel.  "The Bible sessions at the Center are considered a highlight by Christians tourists and we see working with them as a natural partnership," said Amanda Weiss, Director of BLMJ. The museum is the only one in the world, where the civilizations of the Ancient Near East are brought to life from the dawn of civilization to the early Christian era. Weiss is cognizant that Christians coming to Israel are on a journey to enhance their faith and believes that the "BLMJ setting along with the CJCUC educators can provide a transforming experience into the world of Scripture."

The new initiative being launched by the BLMJ and the CJCUC will combine the strengths of both organizations: the rich cultural heritage, biblical history through the evidence of our ancestors from biblical times, combined with a unique opportunity to enrich that understanding through Bible study with experts on behalf of the CJCUC. 

While groups can request a customized biblical session, the standard interactive classes include:
  • G-d vs. gods
  • The Names of G-d
  • The Revolution of Abraham
  • Family Dynamics: The Story of Joseph
  • The Transformation of Tribes into a Kingdom
  • The World of Esther: For a Time Such as This
  • Moses and the Rock: A Study in Biblical Leadership
  • Family vs. Clans: A Biblical Perspective on the Household
  • The 10 Commandments: The Basis of Humanity's Existence

For more information or to book your group, please contact CJCUC at info@cjcuc.com or 516-882-3220.