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Knight Rider Star Rebecca Holden Lands Coveted Canaan Land Evangelist Role
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HOLLYWOOD, May 15, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Knight Rider star Rebecca Holden, landed the lead role today of Sister Sara Sunday, an evangelist in the controversial indie film "Canaan Land" directed by minister turned moviemaker Richard Rossi.

Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Sherilyn Fenn, Lynda Carter, Maureen McCormick, Claudia Wells, and Linda Blair were rumored to be among thousands of knowns and unknowns considered for the role of the Spirit-filled woman. Her sincere faith contrasts with an Elmer Gantry-like evangelist named Brother Billy (played by Rossi) who is attracted to her.

Holden's pal David Hasselhoff first gave the classically-trained singer a chance to act in a lead opposite him in the hit show "Knight Rider." Holden played April Curtis, a sexy mechanic who fixes the computerized K.I.T.T. car.

"Rebecca's gone from the woman that heals the K.I.T.T. car to one who heals bodies, minds, and hearts in Canaan Land," Rossi said. "It was a challenging part to find the right person. A lot of people have been waiting to hear who we cast."

"I'm delighted to be cast and look forward to working with Richard," Holden said. "The role demands a reverence for the responsibility of what is required."

The film is shooting in Hollywood. Rossi's film on Roaring Twenties preacher Aimee McPherson was Academy Award-considered. His biopic on baseball icon Roberto Clemente was praised by Pope Francis and catalyzed a campaign for Clemente's canonization according to LA Times and Washington Post. Pope Francis commended Rossi for Canaan Land.

"Richard Rossi's standing for good and against evil," Pope Francis said. "He is a voice for the poor who've been taken advantage of by those misrepresenting Christ in a culture of greed. He contrasts the love of God with those who teach blessings are bought with donations, which is idolatry."

"Sister Sara is motivated to serve God and people," Holden said. "Billy is more self-motivated. The script makes the point that we must keep our eyes on God and have discernment in choosing spiritual leaders. Leaders are human and disappoint us. Only God can provide perfect, unconditional, unfailing love."

"My films are about faith, and they're made on faith, Rossi said. "There has to be faith because making a movie, so many things can go wrong. People have donated time and talent because they feel the films have something important to say."

Rossi is appealing for funding on GoFundMe at www.gofundme.com/CanaanLand.