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Leading Calvinist Makes Historic Concession to Open Theism: God is Not Outside of Time
Contact: Bob Enyart, Denver Bible Church, 303-463-1707, Bob@kgov.com
DENVER, May 3, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- "I don't say that God is outside of time, nor that God exists in an eternal now." In a moderated and streamed debate before a live audience at Denver Bible Church, Matt Slick made this astounding concession. However, just two weeks earlier in his regular teaching on YouTube, as the founder of Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry, a leading reformed outreach, Slick claimed that such a statement would be "heresy." See kgov.com/carm for all documentation.
What brought about this startling reversal? The president of CARM spent the previous weeks preparing to debate Will Duffy, founder of OpenTheism.org. Prior to that preparation, Slick's earlier contrary statement was, "Open theism is a heresy... it reduces God because what it essentially is doing is stating that God is limited to time, has certain aspects and attributes that must work in concert with time..."

In previous debates sponsored by OpenTheism.org, Will Duffy and other open theists based their arguments not on man's freedom but on God's freedom and presented the Incarnation, whereby God the Son took on a human nature, as a biblical proof that God experiences succession, has a past, and exists in time. See kgov.com/time.

So, why did the famed Calvinist theologian Matt Slick adopt something that for decades he had previously described as heresy? To date, Slick has not yet become an open theist. Yet he no longer claims that God exists in what is widely referred to as an eternal now, nor similarly, that God exists outside of time. "Matt changed his position," said Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church, "for no reason other than that he was confronted with the force of the Incarnation as proof that God's life includes moments, that God has a past, and that He experiences succession, all of which requires time."
Many Christians ascribe to divine timelessness and a hierarchy of doctrines built upon timelessness. Since timelessness itself is based on utter immutability, the doctrine of immutability is also now being called into question.

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