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Faith Leader and Human Rights Activist Condemns President Biden's Decision to Send Controversial Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

These cluster munitions are banned by more than 100 nations around the world

Christian Defense Coalition
July 7, 2023

WASHINGTON, July 7, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Washington, D.C. based Christian Defense Coalition, calls the decision by the Biden Administration a "dangerous escalation in the Ukraine/Russian war that will put innocent families and their children at risk."

Describing the reasons why so many nations ban cluster munitions, Rev. Mahoney quotes from the BBC; "They are a class of weapons that contain multiple explosive bomblets."

"US officials had reportedly been hesitant to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions as they can kill indiscriminately over a wide area, threatening civilians.

"The munitions are controversial because of their high failure rates, meaning unexploded bomblets can linger on the ground for years and possibly detonate later on."

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, who has been an outspoken peace and anti-war activist for over 50 years, adds;

    "By providing this banned weapon to Ukraine, President Biden is creating a dangerous escalation in the Ukraine/Russian war that will put innocent families and their children at risk.  Make no mistake about this tragic decision, the United States is now engaged in a deadly war with Russia.

    "It is unconscionable that the United States, along with NATO and the EU, have not tried to put forward a peace proposal that would help bring an end to the violence in Ukraine and protect their people.

    "It should be stressed being pro-peace is not being pro-Putin. Vladimir Putin is an oppressive leader who has crushed human rights for the people of Russia and we hope and pray one day Russian citizens will be able to walk and live in freedom.

    "However, regardless of President Putin's brutal government, the United States should not be sending these deadly weapons to Ukraine which will make it much more difficult to resolve this conflict and press forward for a peaceful resolution.

    "President Biden should embrace the teachings of Christ as he proclaimed, 'Blessed are the peacemakers'"

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