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NJ Assembly Approves Bill to Ban Declawing of Cats While it Fails to Act to Protect Smallest, Most Defenseless Members of Human Family
Contact: Marie Tasy, New Jersey Right to Life, 732-562-0562

TRENTON, N.J., Jan. 25, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Monday, January 23, 2017, the NJ Assembly passed A3899, a bill that would add declawing to the list of criminal animal cruelty laws on the books in NJ.

Before the vote in the Assembly, the bill's sponsor noted the barbarity of the practice and said, "Many countries worldwide acknowledge the inhumane nature of declawing, which causes extreme pain to cats. It's time for New Jersey to join them," he said. The bill would make NJ the first state in the nation to ban declawing of cats.

Marie Tasy, Executive Director of New Jersey Right to Life noted the absence of laws on the books in NJ that would protect the smallest, most defenseless members of our own human family.

"As someone who sat in the NJ courtrooms during the NJ Partial Birth Abortion trial, the two administrative law proceedings against NJ Steven Brigham, and the Philadelphia Kermit Gosnell trial, I heard first-hand testimony from the abortionists themselves the gruesome and barbaric methods used to kill babies. In listening to the testimony and their descriptions, it was very clear that these babies felt excruciating pain during these truly horrific acts which violently and cruelly took their lives and shattered their dignity," said Tasy.

Upon hearing of the Assembly's passage of the cat declawing bill, Senator Joe Pennachio, sponsor of the NJ Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act said, "Since when did animals become more important than unborn children? This legislature takes pride and advocates for animals and their rights. It has shown to be a good steward in their protection, yet it gives no credence or moral thought to the pain experienced to a child as it is forcibly removed from its mother's womb."

"We call on NJ Legislative leaders to demonstrate the same compassion and legislative remedy used to protect animals from pain and cruelty and apply it to protect defenseless human babies in the womb whose bodies are violently and painfully ripped and sliced apart every day in our state by passing A3452/S2026, the NJ Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as soon as possible. It's time to show the country and the world that NJ will not tolerate these cruel and inhumane acts against our smallest, weakest members of society by passing A3452/S2026 without delay," said Tasy.