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National Right to Life Betrays Babies -- Blocks Congressional Vote on Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill

Contact: Janet Porter, 202-241-2ACT (2228)

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Congress announced the pro-life bill it will pass on the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is not a bill to prevent abortions, but rather one which merely prohibits an abortionist's second attempt on a child's life in the event their first attempt fails, and the child survives.   

Rather than pass HR 490, the Heartbeat Bill, to protect every child whose heartbeat can be detected, Congress chose, instead, to pass the "Born Alive Abortion Survivor's Protection Act," HR 4712, which won't prevent a single abortion.  Why wouldn't a pro-life Congress pass the bill with 170 co-sponsors which is closest to ending abortion?  The answer: National Right to Life. 

As Congressman Steve King tweeted yesterday, "National Right to Life Committee is working against 129 pro-life groups/leaders to block a vote on HR 490, my #Heartbeat Bill ending abortion."  
In today's Washington Times op ed, former Majority Leader Tom DeLay stated, "Today, National Right to Life, the only national group that doesn't support the Heartbeat Bill's substantial protection for unborn children, thinks 'success' is to kill only a million children a year." DeLay added,  "We reject the establishment's approach.  We also reject those who have the thoughtlessness to continue it."

DeLay said, "We have more than enough blood on our hands and Congress has the means to stop this loss in nearly every case."

"For six years Ohio Right to Life fought Ohio's Heartbeat Bill harder than Planned Parenthood, and when it finally passed, they stood with the abortion industry in calling for a veto of the nation's most protective pro-life law," stated Janet Porter, President of Faith2Action, who initiated both the state and Congressional Heartbeat Bills. "And now, National Right to Life is the one obstacle standing in the way of protecting nearly a million children with beating hearts each year."     
Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue stated, "If you do not support the bill you oppose it." 

Newman added, "There has been no greater betrayal of innocent blood since Judas betrayed our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane but that of National Right to Life selling the innocent blood of preborn children."
Rachelle Heidlebaugh, who has suffered the devastation of abortion, said, "National Right to Life is the perfect example of insanity--doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." She added, "Why would anyone who wants to end abortion donate another dime to this corrupt organization working against protecting babies whose heartbeats can be heard?"   
Larry Cirignano of Family First, added, "It's time for the failed leadership to step aside and let those who actually want to END abortion take their place."   
"We call on every pro-lifer, who wants to do more than march to end abortion, to put your faith to action right now," stated Porter.  "Just click the fax icon at Faith2Action.org to send seven free faxes to the leaders who decide which bills come to the floor for a Congressional vote.  Better yet, click the button to send 476 faxes to Congress calling for the Heartbeat Bill stating, 'Merely protecting children who are born alive following an attempt to kill them is woefully inadequate.