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Hospital Refuses to Provide Care for Two-Year Old with Brain Injury
Contact: Alexandra Snyder, Life Legal Defense Foundation, 202-717-7371

RICHMOND, Va., June 29, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Two-year old Mirranda Lawson choked on a piece of popcorn on May 11 and was taken to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center (VCU) in Richmond In critical condition. Since that time, the hospital has steadfastly refused to provide treatment for the toddler, saying they don't believe she can recover. However, Mirranda has already far outlived her original prognosis. Furthermore, she is moving in response to her parents' voice and requires far less medication now to remain stable than she did when she first arrived at VCU. Even though Mirranda has a serious brain injury, her condition is improving.

Mirranda's parents have made it clear to the hospital that they wish to care for their daughter at home. Home care is a common option for patients with brain injuries like MIrranda's. However, the hospital refuses to provide Mirranda with the breathing tube and feeding tube she needs to be eligible for home care. These are routine procedures that the hospital regularly performs on other patients, yet VCU will not provide them to Mirranda.

The hospital has also complained that Mirranda is taking up bed space, yet Mirranda's parents note that at least one room in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) has been vacant the entire time MIrranda has been in the hospital. Similarly, the hospital has complained about the cost of Mirranda's care, which is being paid for by insurance and copayments provided by the Lawsons. However, if VCU would only provide the procedures she needs to be transferred, Mirranda could be moved to a "step-down" or sub-acute care facility or to her home—all far less expensive options than intensive care.

Doctors at VCU have said they will agree to allow Mirranda to go home to die, but they refuse to allow her to go home to live.

In the meantime, Mirranda is not being provided with adequate nutrition or the treatment protocol she needs in order to provide the best chance of healing her brain. Other patients with similar brain injuries have shown improvement through treatment that includes thyroid and other essential hormones.

Also, the Lawsons have noted issues with the cleanliness of the equipment that is currently being used to support Mirranda’s life. They feel as if the hospital is treating their daughter as a non-person.

The hospital also complains that its medical team is "suffering tremendous strain" by caring for Mirranda. However, the staff member who made this statement has never set foot in Mirranda's hospital room. Moreover, Mirranda is in the hospital's intensive care unit and medical staff In that unit are well-equipped to handle critical cases like Miranda's.

Mirranda has a serious brain injury. She should not be treated as if she were something other than a disabled child.

Mirranda's parents are working with an attorney through the Life Legal Defense Foundation to ensure that their daughter gets the care she needs. However, the hospital is pushing back and has expressed its intent to withdraw Mirranda's life support as soon as possible. Mirranda's family has created a Gofundme account to raise funds for legal fees and medical treatment going forward.

Mirranda's parents and a Life Legal Defense Foundation attorney will be available for interviews on Thursday, June 30 near VCU Medical Center in Richmond. Please call 202.717.7371 for details.


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