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NFL Promotes Propaganda by Hosting 'Night of Pride' for the Super Bowl
Jan. 30, 2024
MADISON, Wis., Jan. 30, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- The NFL will host their third "Night of Pride" event with GLAAD for Super Bowl LVIII. However, there is not a single openly gay player in the NFL.

"GLAAD's partnership with the NFL is committed to creating spaces where all fans can celebrate and to growing important visibility for LGBTQ fans at the Super Bowl and all season long," said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

Steve McConkey, President of the worldwide sports ministry 4 WINDS, counters the LGBTQ sports movement. "Every week, we have to deal with sports being used to promote the LGBTQ agenda," states McConkey. "People just want to watch the game without propaganda. Also, those involved in sports should have space to just play the game. Athletes can promote their causes on their own time and deal with the consequences."
In 2003, McConkey started fighting against the International Olympic Committee's transgender policies. He was the only one who stood against this publicly.

From there, the transgender movement spread to state high schools, the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. McConkey has fought this agenda every step of the way.

After years of standing up, World Athletics (track and field), World Aquatics (swimming), Union Cycliste Internationale (cycling), and the International Powerlifting Federation voted to ban transgenders from participating at the international level. Twenty-four states have passed anti-transgender athlete bills.

On October 4, 2023, McConkey spoke at three hearings at the Wisconsin Capitol. Two bills were against transgender athletes on high school and college teams. The third bill was against transgender surgeries and hormone treatments for those under eighteen. The bills passed the Assembly and Senate, but Governor Evers vetoed them.

4 WINDS is a worldwide sports ministry (4WindsUSA.com). Starting in world-class track and field ministries in 1981, Steve and Liz McConkey have worked through ten Olympics. From 1982 to 1992, Steve was a USA National Track and Field Club Coach. His expertise is distance running and they relied on others to coach other events. After 1992, Steve worked with athletes on all teams. In 2013, the ministry expanded to all sports. Steve graduated with honors from Western Kentucky University (Master of Public Health), Minnesota State University (BS-Community Health), and Webster High School (WI). They have lived in Bowling Green (Kentucky), Eugene (Oregon), Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas), Minneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota), and Madison (Wisconsin). In recent years, Steve has had 290 worldwide radio, article, and TV interviews.


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