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New Hybrid Screen Adaptation/Book
CAM Artistic Management
June 26, 2023

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Author M. Rutledge McCall tries his hand at a new "book-to-script-to-book" genre.

Author and prolific ghostwriter/script doctor M. Rutledge McCall has created a new hybrid book/film script genre he calls "scab" -- a Screen Adaptation Book.

"A scab," McCall explains, "is adapting a print book into a screenplay and publishing the screenplay in book size."

But...why not just publish a screenplay with a book cover on it?

"It's more than that," McCall explains. "In this era of an explosion of entertainment content creation, production and distribution—Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, countless others—there's a breed of creatives out there who understand story is king and they're writing their own screenplays, which are often based on stories or books they wrote. What better way for these writers to learn the craft of adapting a book into script format than actually seeing the source material book and the resulting screen adaptation book side-by-side?"

McCall's believes it's crucial for writer/filmmakers to learn adaptation skills such as deciding what passages and characters in a 350-page book could stay or be cut, which scenes could be combined, dialog made more succinct, or exposition eliminated, in order to create a 105-page screenplay from a book without losing the story.

His first effort at his hybrid genre came after he wrote the screen adaptation of his book "Slipping Into Darkness" (optioned for film by movie producer David Sacks, Co-Founder and former COO of PayPal). Many of McCall's clients started asking him to not only ghostwrite their books but adapt them to screenplay. He then tinkered with converting his "Slipping Into Darkness" screenplay in his "scab" book format and titled it "American Ghetto;" and viola, a new genre was invented. (Read passages at: www.amazon.com/American-Ghetto-Adaptation-Slipping-Darkness-ebook/dp/B0BRVVGTM6/)

Could McCall's idea catch on? It might. After all, he is a widely reviewed ghostwriter who also adapts books to screenplay format and scripts to book format and has worked on scores of projects with clients around the world.

M. Rutledge McCall has been featured on news programs "NBC Today," BBC News, PBS, CNN News, KNBC News "Nightside Cover Story," PBS/KCET's "Life And Times," "Larry King Live," and ABC News 9 Australia, and has worked with people named in Newsweek and Forbes magazines' "Most Powerful People" lists, and with authors whose books have appeared on the best-selling lists of the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, and Amazon.com.

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