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Paul Cardall Composes Soundtrack to Accompany Bible Study
Contact: Tina Pretsch, 949-444-1947

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Since receiving a heart transplant in 2009, 43-year-old pianist Paul Cardall has released three consecutive No. 1 Billboard albums, including his latest A New Creation, inspired by the artist's desire to compose a soundtrack as a companion for scripture study.

"I'm not interested in entertaining people. I believe my music has another purpose," says Paul Cardall. He explained,"For years I've had this idea of what would it be like to create a soundtrack to the Bible that people can listen to while they study scripture, meditate, pray, or simply reflect on our individual relationship with God."

Cardall is known for his original compositions and arrangements of various hymns, with his awe-inspiring music being frequently categorized as New Age, Classical, and Religious. His Pandora and Spotify Internet radio stations reach more than 42 million listeners annually. Cardall's soothing, melodic style is born out of his compassion to help others endure hardship and connect to the strength of the soul – something that he is all too familiar with on a personal level. He had faced and survived many difficult challenges, having been born with virtually half a functioning heart, which required immediate surgery when he was less than a day old. His life-threatening congenital heart disease, which resulted in a series of delicate surgeries throughout his life, including a heart transplant, has inspired the pianist to use music as a tool to heal hearts and minds of people the world over.

Michael Debbage, long time music critic from said, "A New Creation is screaming lead candidate for album of the year… He has made sure that the greatest love story of all time, God's love for the human race, was expressed in bold high definition musical colors… A New Creation is without a doubt guaranteed to utterly please the ears, quicken the heart and stir the soul from its deepest depths."

"Each song on this album is designed to invoke deep spiritual feelings," Cardall notes. "My album A New Creation accompanies the listener on a spiritual journey from the creation of the world to the ultimate salvation of mankind. A rich orchestral texture paints images of grandeur evoking genuine sentiments both of God's greatness and His love that he nurtures for all His creations."

Amazon music critic Kathy Parsons writes, "Paul Cardall has created a spiritual as well as a musical masterpiece with A New Creation - his magnum opus for sure! This is a work of art regardless of your religious beliefs and preferences."

"A New Creation" features soloists Nathan Pacheco (Disney Pearl Records; Yanni Voices tour), Patrice Tipoki (Fantine, Les Miserables international Broadway tour), The American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic, American Heritage Youth Chorus and Stone Angel Music Orchestra under the direction of Shane Mickelsen.

Tracks on A New Creation in order are; A New Creation, The Fall, Into the Wilderness, Wonders in Heaven, Son of God, Behold The Lamb, A Broken Heart, Gethsemane, One by One, My Redeemer Lives, Eden Za Drugim, Where There's Love. Sample the album and watch the music video for "Gethsemane" and "One by One" at www.youtube.com/cardall.

About Stone Angel Music: Salt Lake City's award winning independent record label was founded by #1 Billboard Pianist Paul Cardall in 1999. Other artists include pianist Jason Lyle Black, guitarist Ryan Tilby, composer Shane Mickelsen and pianist Ryan Stewart. The released two albums with Steven Sharp Nelson before he joined The Piano Guys. Stone Angel Music artists have spent over 45 weeks on Billboard charts in just the past year. Learn more: www.paulcardall.com.