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Open Letter to the Republican Party from Angela Stanton King, Concerned Citizen

Best known for her critically acclaimed memoir, Life of a Real Housewife (formerly Lies of a Real Housewife) Angela sets the record straight and places all her past dirty deeds on display for public view. Some of her other works include Life Beyond These Walls, My Lovely Life, Injustice within our Justice System, and her latest book Dismissed with Prejudice: Reality of Truth.

After her release from Prison in 2005, The celebrated owner of Stanton Publishing House formed several organizations dedicated to supporting returning citizens and victims of sexual abuse. Her life story, a testimony of redemption, has made a profoundly positive impact in today's social climate. Her agenda of prison reform and family enrichment brings hope to those behind bars. Angela's purpose is entwined in a destiny that sets captives free.

Angela Stanton King
May 31, 2022

OPINION, May 31, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by concerned citizen, Angela Stanton King (pictured):

    Dear Republican party,

    All Americans deserve EQUALITY. However, EQUALITY for Black Americans tends to come in the forms of Abortion, section 8, 30-day food coupons, forced vaccines, and sexually transitioning children.

    Equality for thee is not EQUALITY for me.

    On March 17, 2021, eight Asian Americans were shot dead by a white man with a gun in Atlanta, GA. As a result. Republicans and Democrats passed Bill S.937 the Covid – 19 Anti-Asian American hate crime bill which stated that they were awarded this bill due to the hate and discrimination they had endured in the last 11 months since COVID.

    Not only were Asians given protection and provisions, they were awarded 49.5 million dollars from the American Rescue Fund.

    Meanwhile, recently on May 14, 2022, ten Black/African Americans were shot dead by a white man with a gun while shopping for groceries in Buffalo, NY. As a result, Congress called for tougher gun laws for American citizens while supplying Ukraine with 40 billion dollars to fund their war.

    I find it ironic that Congress would give Ukraine money to buy guns and leave American citizens defenseless when it comes to homegrown terrorism, with a possible caveat from the current administration that vulnerable American citizens give up their second amendment rights to protect their families in the name of gun control.

    To add insult to injury, on May 21, 2022, seven days after the murders of the elderly defenseless black Americans, Republican Senator Pete Sessions of Texas introduced, and the House passed, H.R. 438 Anti-Hate Crime bill for Jewish Americans. While many would agree that any hate crime is wrong, what a slap in the face to Black Americans who remain targets of hate due to skin color.

    Historically, since the civil rights movement began, led by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other notable leaders, Black Americans have continuously fought for equality in America.

    Due to recent events, it couldn't be more obvious to Black people living in America that many in the Republican, Democrat or Independent political parties are not willing to give more than lip service to acknowledge the pain and suffering of these communities in the recent years.

    Black Americans have been and continue to be psychologically traumatized by witnessing the murders of unarmed black men and women on the news, social media, and the internet. We are constantly bombarded with visions and violent actions that we will never be able to forget; these are situations that leave us feeling hopeless, defenseless, and unworthy.

    When COVID-19 first hit American soil, it was a well-known fact that Black communities were most impacted by the Coronavirus. We have the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases, the highest numbers of deaths, the highest numbers of depopulation by abortion and other health issues, and the highest numbers of unemployment.

    Black Americans continue to struggle with losing our businesses and losing our loved ones while being separated from our families. Black Americans are still marginalized and discriminated against just like in the days of segregation.

    After watching COVID-19 destroy Black families across this nation, our political leaders and members of Congress continue to meet the demands to the need and urge to act on behalf of Asian, LGBTQ+ and Jewish Americans while ignoring the pain and suffrage that Black Americans have faced in this nation dating back to the days of slavery.

    These in-your-face tactics lead many to believe that there is a depopulation black genocide agenda.  We are not against any members of the human race receiving justice. Today we demand justice for the Black Community. We must start at home in our communities.

    Republican Party, how will you respond to the Black community that remains overlooked in the face of circumstances beyond our immediate control, and even heinous acts that target Black grandmothers while shopping and attending church while other ethnic groups receive House Resolutions and responsive reparations? Where are you?

SOURCE Angela Stanton King

CONTACT: 404-997-1151, authorangie49@gmail.com