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Pastor John Collins Walks for God: God Matters
Contact: Nicholas Kirsch, 406-591-9025

BILLINGS, Mont., Sept. 9, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Evangelist Pastor John Collins of Love That Cross Ministries, is recognized as an influential pastor by Inspirational Faith Magazine. His faith is unwavering and inspirational. His preaching is spiritual and moving. He is a fresh and honest example for evangelism, revival, and renewal that is sweeping the United States.

The ministry of Love That Cross Revival began in Wheatland, Wyoming. Late in July, Pastor John Collins heard God tell him to walk for Him. Pastor John is quoted to say "Was sitting Sunday watching the Cubs play when I felt GOD tell me to walk for him" and he believes that when God asks him to do something, he obeys. Creating a sign which said "Blessed are the peacemakers, BLUE LIVES MATTER, GOD MATTERS," Pastor John Collins walked 19 miles the next day in the July heat. Americans can take about 20 to 45 minutes to go 20 miles in a car, depending upon where they live. Pastor John walked those 19 miles unconditionally without any special preparation in advance, without any special training, without any specially designed clothing, and without any advance notice to any media. Pastor John did it because he knows with all his heart that God matters in everything.

Pastor John's message is very simple: "God really wants us as a country and a people. He hasn't given up on us even though society on the whole has given up on Him. God should count in our everyday lives, whether it's while watching a baseball game or when we are in the depths of misery. GOD MATTERS and He wants to be part of our lives unconditionally."

Pastor John says he was once so far from the Cross that he needed binoculars to see it. Now Pastor John Collins says he has splinters in his hands from clinging to that Cross. His message of GOD MATTERS is meant to reach everyone, everywhere. According to Pastor John Collins, God wants people to get to know Him again. "God wants us to read the Holy Bible again, He wants us to talk to Him again." Pastor John preaches that God sent Jesus Christ to us as our salvation and our hope. Pastor John preached that hope through his walk for God with the simple message "GOD MATTERS."

Pastor John Collins says "It's time for us to get to know GOD again. GOD MATTERS, BELIEVE THAT!"