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Knowing the Next Blood Moon Won't Save You: Every Believer Needs This Field Guide for the Last Days

Contact: Steve Spillman, 864-884-2243, steve@truepotentialmedia.com

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Sept. 16, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Jim Richards' new book "Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming" begins shipping today. Readers have ordered months in advance to be first to receive copies because it offers something completely different than other 'End Times' books. Dr. Richards doesn't attempt to predict when the next Blood Moon, the Rapture or the Tribulation will take place. Those 'End Times' topics, he believes, have already been covered in hundreds of books and countless opinions.

"Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming" offers the two critical pieces of information required for the days to come:

  • What Jesus told His disciples about the Last Days.
  • What every Believer needs to know to prepare spiritually for the Second Coming.

"Apocalypse" means revelation, unveiling, or appearing. The Book of Revelation is about Jesus, not about the antichrist.

Jesus was very clear about how to prepare for His second coming and the tribulation that would precede this event. The focus of this book is not on the evils and suffering of the tribulation, but on the only straightforward truth we need to know in order to overcome: the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Ten questions this book answers:

  1. Why is the spiritual history of the world so important in understanding the Last Days?
  2. Why are people so afraid of the End Times?
  3. Who were the Nephilim?
  4. Can the 6-day biblical creation account be proven scientifically?
  5. What does every Believer really need to know about the Last Days?
  6. Which of the world's leading institutions was involved in a nearly century long cover-up of information proving Darwinian evolution is impossible?
  7. What does the Bible really say about the Tribulation?
  8. Who were the giant killers and what was their secret to defeating superior enemies?
  9. What will America's role be in the End Times?
  10. What is the secret of the Bridegroom and how does it guarantee the safety of those it was meant for?

Unlike anything you have ever read about the return of Jesus. This book will end your confusion and fear, build your faith, and put on the mind of an overcomer!

Mr. Spillman can be contacted by phone (864.884.2243) or e-mail: steve@truepotentialmedia.com for further information and author interview requests. Media assets are available at www.SecondComingGuide.com/media.