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The 'Bull' in 'Bullying'

Contact: Karen England, 916-212-5607

RENO, Nev., Oct. 2, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Last week's unanimous decision by the school board in Elko, Nevada to maintain sex separated bathrooms was warmly received by parents and students wanting to protect privacy and safety.  But according to Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Family Alliance, for some anti-privacy advocates it has also brought out the "bull" in "bullying."

"I was especially offended by the recent column from long time Nevada columnist, Jon Ralston, titled 'Rurals still lag on transgender issues.'" said England.  "Rather than offering cogent arguments, Ralston chooses to portray the issue as backwards rural people who have not kept up with progressive urban views of sexuality."

Ralston claims admiration for his "rural brethren," but goes on in his September 30 article to chastise them for not supporting a request that the Elko school board allow a middle school girl who identifies as a boy to use the boys' bathrooms and shower facilities.  According to Ralston, "the Elko school board has reinforced inaccurate perceptions and primitive, anachronistic views of sexuality."

"Separating school children in bathrooms based on physical identity as opposed to psychological identity is viewed as 'primitive' by Ralston," said England.  "But he does not stop there, he claims that those who disagree with him are ensuring bullying." 

England has a contrary view: "Forcing physically opposite children to share bathroom and shower facilities, and subjecting them to unwanted exposure is bullying."

"I don't believe efforts to shame rural residents by telling them that they are not as sophisticated as their urban counterparts will result in them embracing co-ed bathrooms," said England.  "This is about privacy.  Modesty is not ignorance nor is it hate."

"One can oppose co-ed bathrooms and still have compassion for those that believe that biology has betrayed them.  Communities have long accommodated individuals that are not comfortable in traditional, sex separated facilities without promoting bullying and intrusion on those that want privacy and avoidance of unwanted exposure.  Elko gives us hope that name calling and promotion of rural stereotypes will not undermine these basic values," said England.