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Pro-life Groups Outraged that Disgraced, Dangerous and Reckless Abortionist is Connected to New Abortion Clinic Washington D.C.

Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-life groups are outraged that a disgraced, dangerous, and reckless abortionist is opening a new abortion clinic in Washington, D.C., which has the least restrictive abortion laws in the nation, leaving women unprotected and at risk. Though his license to practice medicine is revoked in six states, Steven Brigham is connected to an abortion clinic to open in the nation's capital. Organizations have expressed concerns that Brigham may be operating without a proper business license, and are joining together this week to call for Washington, D.C., officials to shut this dangerous clinic down and enact laws to protect women and their unborn children from abortion clinic abuses.

Pro-life leaders will  hold a news conference and demonstration on Thursday, May 25, at Capital Women's Services, located at 6323 Georgia Ave NW in Washington, D.C., at 2:30 p.m.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition and pastor of Church on the Hill, both based in Washington, D.C., states:

    "Everyone should be outraged that Steven Brigham would be allowed to operate or be involved in any kind of medical practice in Washington, D.C. A partial list of his dangerous professional history includes:

    • His medical license has been revoked in all six states where he was licensed.
    • A judge once ordered him to stop falsely advertising that his abortions were painless.
    • He was caught illegally practicing medicine in Maryland, where he was never licensed.
    • He has operated at least two illegal bi-state late-term abortion businesses, which were discovered when women were seriously injured.
    • He was arrested in 2010 for the murder of late-term aborted babies in Cecil County, MD.
    • He has been evicted for non-payment of rent from several offices, including one in Delaware where he failed to pay $37,000 in back rent.
    • He has a history of fraudulent billing practices.
    • He was ordered never again to own or operate an abortion business in Pennsylvania.

    "We call upon the City of Washington, D.C., to protect women in our nation's capital and shut down this dangerous clinic, as well as to enact clinic laws to ensure that women are not treated like a commodity and their health is not put at risk."

Catherine Glenn Foster, President and CEO of Americans United for Life, adds:

    "Our nation's capital is the Wild West of abortion clinic oversight, with some of America's laxest abortion laws. As AUL documents in our legal guide Defending Life, the District of Columbia fails to employ common-sense health and safety regulations to protect women from the harms inherent in abortion. The new, unlicensed clinic controlled by notorious abortionist Steven Brigham is the direct result of DC's failed policy of relying on abortion clinics to police themselves. Brigham's medical license has been revoked in state after state, and he has a long history of botched abortions and cutting corners; in fact, just last year the State of Virginia served Brigham's Fairfax clinic with a 52-page deficiency report and indefinitely suspended its license, calling the facility a 'substantial threat.'

    "Brigham is not alone. AUL's report Unsafe exposes the horrific conditions in abortion clinics across the country and demonstrates that we can't trust the abortion industry to voluntarily follow care or health and safety protocols. But the lack of abortion regulation or oversight here in our nation's capital puts women right in the crosshairs of abortion industry abuses. Women deserve better. On behalf of all the women who live and work in DC, I call upon DC officials to engage in AUL's Women's Protection Project to ensure that DC women are supported with the strongest legal protections and protected from modern-day back-alley abortions in unsanitary and unsafe clinics."

Lauren Handy, Founder of Mercy Missions DC, comments:

    "This disgraced healthcare provider is not only a danger to the women of the Takoma community but to all women in the nation's capital. Action must taken swiftly to protect the most vulnerable and needy in our society and their mothers."

For more information or interviews, call:
Rev. Patrick Mahoney at (540) 538-4741