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Jerusalem as Jewish Capitol? Why All Muslim Nations and Allies will Oppose President Trump

"Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel would violate Muslim dogma...nevertheless, President Trump should proceed." Randall Terry, Creator of "What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained."

Contact: Marc Vincent, Publicist, 334-440-4611, 877-475-WWMD (9963)

MEDIA ADVISORY, Jan. 26, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry is available for interview to explain the significance of Jerusalem in Muslim history and theology.

Background and items to be discussed:

  • Muslims refer to Jerusalem as al-Quds.
  • Muslims believe Muhammad had a "night flight" to Jerusalem on a flying horse, and landed on the site of Solomon's Temple, where he met other prophets and led them in prayer. (Mr. Terry will relate this story.)
  • The requirement for Muslims to pray five times a day does not come from the Quran, but from the story of Muhammad's night flight to Jerusalem, and his ascension into heaven to meet God.
  • This is the site that Muslims allege that God took Muhammad up to heaven. (Mr. Terry will explain.)
  • Muhammad ordered multiple Jewish tribes in Arabia to be killed or exiled during his lifetime, thus integrating anti-semitism within Islamic theology. (Mr. Terry will delineate these events.)
  • Muslims hold Jews as "the first enemies of the Muslims." (Mr. Terry will elaborate.)
  • Muslims hold that the Jews have no right to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, because Jews reject Muhammad as the last true prophet. (This is a matter of Muslim theology.)
  • Muslims believe that al-Aqsa (one of two mosques on the Temple Mount) is one of three holy locations that a Muslim can make a pilgrimage for worship. Muhammad said:
    "He said: I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) saying: Do not set out on a journey (for religious devotion) but for the three mosques-for this mosque of mine (at Medina) the Sacred Mosque (at Mecca), and the Mosque al-Aqsa (Bait al-Maqdis)..." Sahih Muslim, Book #007, Hadith #3009.

For these reasons (and others) we can expect that NO Muslim nation will agree with President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol. 

Mr. Terry holds a Masters Degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Terrorism from Norwich university. He has spent over ten years studying Islam and Islamic terrorism.

After two years of production he has released a movie series: "What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained."

View a segment of "What Would Muhammad Do?" at www.wwmd-tv.com.