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FRC's Center for Biblical Worldview Releases 'An Introduction to Worldview: Refining the Lens Through Which You See Everything'

Family Research Council (FRC)
July 10, 2023

WASHINGTON, July 10, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- Building on research released in 2021 that revealed that only 21 percent of those who regularly attend evangelical churches have a biblical worldview, Family Research Council's Center for Biblical Worldview has published a new resource titled, "An Introduction to Worldview: Refining the Lens Through Which You See Everything." The booklet examines the concept of worldview, examines the world's leading worldviews, and makes the case for why Christianity offers the most satisfying answers to life's biggest questions. The new resource is the fifth installment in FRC's Biblical Worldview Series and answers questions like:

    • What is a worldview?
    • Why it is important to have a fully formulated and cohesive worldview?
    • How do the most prominent worldviews answer life's biggest questions?
    • Why a biblical worldview offers the most satisfying answers to these questions?
    • How to build a biblical worldview?

The Introduction to Worldview examines the five major worldviews: Christianity, Islam, Pantheism, Naturalism, and Postmodernism. The resource also assesses the current state of world and examines the cornerstone of a Biblical worldview.

David Closson, the resource's author and Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, commented:

    "In an increasingly post-Christian culture, a biblical worldview may seem irrelevant to the concerns of everyday Americans. But how we view the world is always closer to the surface of the day's headlines than you might think. After all, a worldview is the intellectual, moral, emotional, and spiritual filter through which one understands, interprets, and responds to every reality in life, thus a consistent worldview is crucial. For Christians, a worldview based in the metanarrative of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation provides grounding for moral action, accurate perception of the world, and a basis for obedience to God. The cultivation and development of this worldview has never been more important in these unprecedented times we are facing."

To read An Introduction to Worldview: Refining the Lens Through Which You See Everything, please see: FRC.org/WorldviewIntro

SOURCE Family Research Council (FRC)

CONTACT: Alice Chao, media@frc.org